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The development of literacy in Bristol and Gloucestershire, 1755-1870
Campbell, M.J., Ph.D. (1980), Bath (Tasker, Mary E.; Frayling, C.J.)
Popular science in Britain, 1830-70.
Hinton, D.A., Ph.D. (1980), Bath (Buchanan, R.A.)
Aspects of the recruitment, training and post-certification experiences of general hospital nurses in England, 1881-1914.
Maggs, C., Ph.D. (1980), Bath (Frayling, C.J.)
The economic and social development of the port of Bristol, 1848-1908.
McClelland, B.J.A., M.Sc. (1979), Bath (Brooke, D.)
The development of the gas industry in the Bristol region, 1810-1950.
Painting, M.H., Ph.D. (1979), Bath (Brooke, D.)
The Neath Abbey Iron Company, 1792-1886.
Ince, L.C., M.Sc. (1978), Bath (Buchanan, R.A.)
Social and economic change in a Somerset village: Newton St. Loe, 1801-71.
Davis, G.P., M.Sc. (1975), Bath (Buchanan, R.A.)
A survey of the development of the leisure industries of the Bristol region, with special reference to the history of the seaside resorts.
Brown, B.J.H., Ph. D. (1971), Bath (Buchanan, R.A.)
The evolution of technical education in 19th-century England.
Keane, P., Ph.D. (1970), Bath (Buchanan, R.A.)
The origin and development of the Alcester Waterworks Co., 1875-1947.
Johnson, C.J., M.Sc., Bath (Buchanan, R.A.)