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Pulling back the green curtain: Irish foreign policy, 1945-63.
Brown, K.J., Ph.D. (2000), Belfast
The Catholic interest in Irish politics in the reign of Charles II.
Creighton, Margaret A., Ph.D. (2000), Belfast (Hayton, David W.)
More than discourse: the sermons of evangelical Protestants in 19th-century Ulster.
Dickson, J.N.I., Ph.D. (2000), Belfast (Connolly, Sean J.; Green, Ian)
A social history of illegitimacy in Ireland, from the late 18th to the early 20th century.
Gray, William P., Ph.D. (2000), Belfast (Kennedy, Liam)
The portrayal of women in Irish hagiography to c.900 A.D.
Krook, Ann S., Ph.D. (2000), Belfast (Flanagan, Marie Therese)
Evangelical philanthropy and social control or emancipatory feminism? A case study of the Fisherwick Presbyterian Working Women's Association, 1870-1918.
McClelland, Gillian A., Ph.D. (2000), Belfast
Landed society in mid 18th-century co. Down.
Richey, Rosemary A., Ph.D. (2000), Belfast (Hayton, David W.)
Wind of change, scent of betrayal: press, political development and public opinion in Northern Ireland, 1963-7.
Scott, Alan, Ph.D. (2000), Belfast (Wichert, Sabine)
Kirk and community: Ulster Presbyterian society, 1640-1740.
Browne, Roisin M., M.Phil. (1999), Belfast (O'Dowd, Mary)
The history and development of the law of partition between co-owners of land.
Conway, Heather A., Ph.D. (1999), Belfast (Dowling, Alan)
The Irish fertilizer industry.
Cooper, Mark, Ph.D. (1999), Belfast (Johnson, David S.; Davies, J.)
Political violence in the Newry/Armagh area, 1912-25.
Day, Charles S., Ph.D. (1999), Belfast
A study of female textile operatives in the Belfast linen industry, c.1890-1939.
Hamill, Jonathan P., Ph.D. (1999), Belfast (O'Dowd, Mary)
Literary and political culture in Wales and the English border country, 1300-1975.
O'Rourke, Jason, Ph.D. (1999), Belfast
A history of the Irish Baptist foreign mission, 1924-77.
Reid, Andrew B., M.Phil. (1999), Belfast
Byzantine monastic libraries in the 11th and 12th centuries.
Waring, Judith S., Ph.D. (1999), Belfast
Cartographic representations of race, c.1850-1930.
Winlow, Heather D., Ph.D. (1999), Belfast
The development of Belfast as a centre of art, 1760-1888.
Black, Eileen, Ph.D. (1998), Belfast (Jupp, Peter J.)
Religion and social class: church membership in Belfast, c.1870-1930.
Huddleston, David, M.Phil. (1998), Belfast (Hempton, David N.)
The emergence of the social awareness of science movement in Britain and Germany.
Lima Passos, Valeria, M.Phil. (1998), Belfast (Bowler, Peter J.)