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The strategy and tactics of siege warfare in the early Byzantine period: Constantine to Heraclius.
McCotter, Stephen E.J., Ph.D. (1996), Belfast
Unionist culture and literature, 1920-72.
McIntosh, Gillian V., Ph.D. (1996), Belfast (Jackson, T. Alvin)
Periodic marketing in counties Donegal,Dublin, Kildate and Tipperary in the 17th century.
Murray, Mary B., M.Phil. (1996), Belfast (Proudfoot, Lindsey J.)
The history of obstetrics in Northern Ireland, 1948-92.
O'Sullivan, John F., Ph.D. (1996), Belfast (Clarkson, Leslie A.)
The political role of women in N.E. Ulster, 1890-1940.
Urquhart, Diane L., Ph.D. (1996), Belfast (O'Dowd, Mary)
Provision for the poor in S.E. Ulster, 1825-50.
Beale, George M., Ph.D. (1995), Belfast (Harkness, D.W.)
Unionism and the new century: the structure, organization and mechanics of the Unionist party in Britain and Ulster, 1900-22.
Burnett, David A., Ph.D. (1995), Belfast (Jackson, T.A.)
The parliamentary experience of the Irish members of the house of commons, 1833-41.
Crowe, Brian D., Ph.D. (1995), Belfast (Jupp, P.J.)
The Great War and the Britannic question in Ireland, 1914-18: the impact of the total war upon Nationalist and Unionist concepts of national and imperial identity.
Hennessey, Thomas W., Ph.D. (1995), Belfast (Harkness, D.W.)
Religious revivalism and popular evangelicalism in Britain and Ireland, 1859-1905.
Holmes, Janice, Ph.D. (1995), Belfast (Hempton, D.N.)
The castles of N. Donegal and their relationship to the landholding structure of the late medieval Gaelic lordships.
Loingsigh, M.S.N., M.Phil. (1995), Belfast
A history of the child and juvenile migration schemes to Australia.
McVeigh, Ann, Ph.D. (1995), Belfast (Johnson, D.S.)
A study of the birth and development of the overseas missions of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland up to 1910.
Addley, William P., Ph.D. (1994), Belfast
The merchant community in Ireland, 1660-c.1710.
Agnew, Jean H., Ph.D. (1994), Belfast (O'Dowd, Mary)
Attitudes to poverty and vagrancy in early modern Ireland.
Fitzgerald, Patrick D., Ph.D. (1994), Belfast (O'Dowd, Mary)
Patriarchy and power in the Byzantine empire from Maria of Alania to Maua of Antioch, 1080-1180.
Hill, B.N., Ph.D. (1994), Belfast
The Catholic Church and Republican nationalism in the early 20th century.
O'Reilly, Noel, Ph.D. (1994), Belfast (Harkness, D.W.)
Countering the revolutionaries: an examination of the Cumann nan Gaedheal, 1922-5.
Regan, John M., Ph.D. (1994), Belfast (Harkness, D.W.)
The yeomanry in Ulster, 1796-c.1814.
Blackstock, Allan, Ph.D. (1993), Belfast (Jupp, P.J.)
The construction industry in Belfast, 1800-1914.
Cockerill, John, Ph.D. (1993), Belfast (Johnson, D.S.)