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Byz. Stud

Anglo-Turkish relations in the Middle East, 1945-53.
Bilgin, Mustafa S., Ph.D. (2001), Birmingham
The 14th-century church of the Archangel Michael at Kavalariana, Crete.
Demetriou, Erika, Ph.D. (2001), Birmingham
The transition from late Byzantine to early Ottoman southeastern Macedonia (14th-15th centuries): a socio-economic and demographic study.
Moustakas, Konstantinos, Ph.D. (2001), Birmingham
The Turkish Straits and the Great Powers: from the Montreux Convention to the early Cold War, 1936-47.
Seydi, Suleyman, Ph.D. (2001), Birmingham
Byzantium and Islam, 850-1050.
Abou Se'Ada, Al Amin, Ph.D. (2000), Birmingham (Macrides, Ruth J.)
Ottoman reforms and social life: reflections from Salonica, 1830-1850
Ozdemir, Bulent, Ph.D. (2000), Birmingham (Murphey, Rhoads)
Turkish policy towards Greek education in Istanbul, 1923-74: secondary education and cultural identity.
Sarioglou, Irini S., Ph.D. (1999), Birmingham (Haldon, John F.)
The fiscal system of the Venetian Peloponnese: the province of Romania, 1688-1715.
Davies, Siriol A., Ph.D. (1996), Birmingham (Bryer, Anthony A.M.)
The implementation of the Tanzimat reforms in Cyprus, 1839-78: an assessment of the Greek and Ottoman evidence from local sources.
Dionyssiou, George A., M.Litt. (1995), Birmingham
Anglo-Ottoman relations and the reform question in the early Tanzimat period, 1839-52, with special reference to reforms concerning Ottoman non-Muslims.
Subasi, Turgut, Ph.D. (1995), Birmingham (Grenville, John A.S.; Strauss, Johann)
That eccentric philhellene: a study of Lord Guilford.
Osler, Tamsin, Ph.D. (1994), Birmingham (Bryer, Anthony A.M.; Tziovas, D.)
The use of Byzantine historiography in the works of P.S. Delta.
Spanaki, Marianna, Ph.D. (1994), Birmingham (Alexiou, C.)
Byzantine funerary practice.
Ivison, Eric, Ph.D. (1993), Birmingham (Bryer, A.A.M.)
Peasants in post-Byzantine Naxos.
Kasdagli, Aglaia E., Ph.D. (1993), Birmingham (Hilton, R.H.; Bryer, A.A.M.)
Byzantine Kastoria.
Moustakis, Konstantin, Ph.D. (1993), Birmingham (Bryer, A.A.M.)
Kara-Koyunlu administration.
Sinclair, Thomas, Ph.D. (1993), Birmingham (Bryer, A.A.M.; Ursinus, M.O.H.)
The first Ottoman ambassadors to England.
Yalcinkaya, Alaaddin, Ph.D. (1993), Birmingham (Strauss, J.)
Ottoman Cypriot judicial registers.
Cicek, Kemal, Ph.D. (1992), Birmingham (Strauss, J.)
Socrates Scholasticus: historian of church and state.
Urbainczyk, Theresa, Ph.D. (1992), Birmingham (Haldon, J.F.)