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Byz., Ottoman and Mod. Greek Stud

Plural pasts: the role of function and audience in the creation of meaning in Ottoman and modern Turkish accounts of the siege of Nagykanizsa.
Norton, Claire, Ph.D. (2003), Birmingham (Murphey, Rhoads)
The administration of Chios, 1822-68: an Aegean island under Ottoman rule.
Psarrou, Evi, Ph.D. (2003), Birmingham (Haldon, John F.)
Coinage, monetary policy and monetary economy in Greece, 1204-1350.
Baker, Julian R., Ph.D. (2002), Birmingham (Haldon, John F.; Bryer, Anthony A.M.)
Turkish water policy on the Tigris-Euphrates basin: the consequences on Turkish foreign policy and security.
Derisiotis, Anthony, Ph.D. (2002), Birmingham (Morewood, Steven)
The monasteries of Vanistou, Georgatsati and Spile in South Albania and their socio-pedagogical task during the Ottoman empire (16th-19th centuries A.D.).
Giakoumis, Konstantinos, Ph.D. (2002), Birmingham (Murphey, R.)
Byzantine-Abbasid warfare: structure, strategy and organisation of the Abbasid army.
Mansour, Mohamed M., Ph.D. (2002), Birmingham (Haldon, John F.)
Late Byzantine aristocratic women: diplomacy and gender.
Williams, Anna M., Ph.D. (2002), Birmingham (Brubaker, Leslie)