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The small towns of medieval Gloucestershire: origins and development.
Catchpole, Antonia, Ph.D. (2004), Birmingham (Slater, Terry R.)
Constructing a model community: institutions, paternalism and social identities - Bournville, 1895-1940.
Bailey, Adrian R., Ph.D. (2003), Birmingham (Bryson, John A.; Slater, Terry R.)
The rise and fall of the multi-storey ideal: public sector high-rise housing in Britain, 1945-2002, with special reference to Birmingham.
Jones, Phillip, Ph.D. (2003), Birmingham (Whitehand, Jeremy W.R.)
Worcester and Gloucester: a comparative study of urban expansion in two provincial cities between 1870 and 1939.
Dunleavey, Janet, Ph.D. (1999), Birmingham (Slater, Terry R.)
Micro-morphogenesis in inter-war suburbia.
Walsh, Amanda, Ph.D. (1999), Birmingham (Whitehand, Jeremy W.R.)
The creation and transformation of inter-war suburbia in Birmingham.
Carr, Christine M.H., Ph.D. (1998), Birmingham (Whitehand, Jeremy W.R.)
Russian and Ukrainian national identities, with reference to their significance in southern Ukraine.
Jackson, Louise, Ph.D. (1998), Birmingham (Shaw, Denis J.B.)
The geography of landownership in Staffordshire, c.1840-1910.
Bell, David J., Ph.D. (1995), Birmingham (Whitehand, J.W.R.)
The role of urban wealth, housing and population in economic growth: Shropshire, 1600-1820.
Higgins, James P.P., Ph.D. (1995), Birmingham (Slater, T.R.)
Medieval Coventry: a study in town-plan analysis.
Lilley, Keith D., Ph.D. (1995), Birmingham (Slater, T.R.)
An atlas of religious worship in England and Wales: an analysis of the 1851 census of religious worship.
Ell, Paul N., Ph.D. (1992), Birmingham (Slater, T.R.; Ingram, D.R.)
Detached gardens and urban allotments in English provincial towns, 1750-1950: distribution, abundance and transformative processes.
Thornes, Rosemary, Ph.D. (1970), Birmingham (Slater, Terry; Jones, Phil)