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British infantry battalion commanders in the First World War.
Hodgkinson, Peter, Ph.D. (2013), Birmingham (Bourne, John)
The Royal Air Force, combined operations doctrine and the raid on Dieppe, 19 August 1942.
Mahoney, Ross, Ph.D. (2012), Birmingham (Sheffield, Gary; Gray, Peter)
Scotland and the British army, c.1700-c.1750.
Henshaw, Victoria, Ph.D. (2011), Birmingham
The 1711 expedition to Quebec: politics and the limitations of global strategy in the reign of Queen Anne.
Lyons, Adam, Ph.D. (2011), Birmingham (Snape, Michael)
Differing responses to an industrialising society: occupational structure in rural communities in the heart of England from the Restoration to the railway age, 1660-1840.
Churchley, Richard, Ph.D. (2010), Birmingham (Schwarz, Leonard)
Matthew Boulton and the Soho Mint: copper to customer.
Tungate, Sue, Ph.D. (2010), Birmingham (Jones, Peter)
Bede's eschatologial thought.
Darby, Peter N., Ph.D. (2009), Birmingham (Brooks, Nicholas P.)
Money and money equivalents in 7th- and 8th-century England - the transition from a pre-coinage age to a politically managed economy.
Errington, Mark, M.Phil. (2009), Birmingham (Bassett, Steven R.)
The origins of Warwick.
Hinksman, Sarah, M.Phil. (2009), Birmingham (Bassett, Steven R.)
The Royal Air Force, combined operations and the raid on Dieppe, 19 August 1942.
Mahoney, Ross, M.Phil. (2009), Birmingham (Sheffield, Gary)
Dynasty and the family unit: assessing the nature and structures of the West Saxon royal house in Wessex and Mercia in the later 9th and earlier 10th centuries.
Mann, Adrian, M.Phil. (2009), Birmingham (Yarrow, Simon)
The British Army Signal Service, 1914-18.
Bullock, Michael, M.Phil. (2008), Birmingham (Bourne, John M.)
The idea of paradigm in church history: the notion of papal monarchy in the 13th century, from Innocent III to Boniface VIII.
Harris, Matthew, Ph.D. (2007), Birmingham (Swanson, Robert)
The politics of co-operation: consumer co-operative societies in Birmingham and Bristol 1880-1921.
Shelley, Christopher, M.Phil. (2007), Birmingham (Hilton, Matthew)
'Nothing more than words': E.H. Carr and the apologia of appeasement.
Smith, Benjamin J., M.Phil. (2007), Birmingham (Crowson, Nicholas J.)
The identity of the British Liberal party, 1945-62.
Cole, Matthew, Ph.D. (2006), Birmingham (Crowson, Nicholas J.)
The theory and practice of tank/infantry tactical co-operation during the First World War.
Hammond, Christopher Brynley, Ph.D. (2006), Birmingham
The Rhodesian Crisis in British and international politics, 1964-5.
Watts, Carl P., Ph.D. (2006), Birmingham
A history of Britain's volunteer cavalry, 1776-1908.
Gilks, Andrew D., Ph.D. (2005), Birmingham
The early Black Books of Lincoln's Inn.
Jevon, Kathryn, Ph.D. (2005), Birmingham