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Eden's diet: Christianity and vegetarianism, 1809-2009.
Calvert, Samantha, Ph.D. (2013), Birmingham (McLeod, D. Hugh)
The monastic rules of visigothic Iberia: a study of their text and language.
Allies, Neil, Ph.D. (2010), Birmingham (Burton, Philip)
The move to independence from Anglican leadership: an examination of the relationship between Alexander Alfred Boddy and the early leaders of the British Pentecostal denominations (1907-30).
Cho, Kyu Hyung, Ph.D. (2010), Birmingham (Anderson, A.; McLeod, D. Hugh)
The Church of England in the Forest of Arden, 1660-1740.
Jones, Susan A., Ph.D. (2010), Birmingham (Snape, Michael)
An investigation into the nature and causes of Anglican conversions to the Roman Catholic church in England post World War II.
Ormrod, Richard J., Ph.D. (2008), Birmingham (McLeod, D. Hugh)
From parson to professional: the clergy in Staffordshire, 1830-1960.
Tomlinson, John, Ph.D. (2007), Birmingham
An investigation into the effects of the 1905 American revival, with general reference to the Student Volunteer Movement for Foreign Missions, 1905-20.
Hooper, Emmanuel, Ph.D. (2005), Birmingham (McLeod, D. Hugh MacLeod)
Revolution versus revival: the nature and dynamics of Sandinista-evangelical relations in revolutionary Nicaragua.
Smith, Calvin, Ph.D. (2005), Birmingham (McLeod, D. Hugh)
An analysis of the Unity Movement, with special reference to healing.
Thoresby-Parker, Ann, Ph.D. (2005), Birmingham (McLeod, D. Hugh)
Character, controversy and community: Anglo-Catholic churches and the working classes in South-East Birmingham, 1865-1939.
Wasey, Kim, M.Phil. (2002), Birmingham (McLeod, D. Hugh)
'A very model of a missionary priest': the pastoral work of Bishop Richard Challoner in the Catholic London district in the 18th century.
Butler, David A.R., Ph.D. (2001), Birmingham (McLeod, D. Hugh; Snape, M.F.)
Evangeliska Fosterlands-Stiftelsen (E.F.S): evangelical revivalism and secularization in Sweden, 1856-1910.
Gelfgren, Per E.S., M.Phil. (2001), Birmingham
The 'mainstream' churches in Birmingham, c.1945-1998: the local church and generational change.
Jones, Ian, Ph.D. (2000), Birmingham (McLeod, D. Hugh)
British Methodism and the poor, c.1785-1840.
MacQuiban, Timothy A., Ph.D. (2000), Birmingham (McLeod, D. Hugh)
Rome, Canterbury and A.R.C.I.C. I: the legacy of the final report.
Brading, Jeremy, M.Phil. (1998), Birmingham (McLeod, D. Hugh)
Between mission policy and mission ideology: the great revival movement of 1907 in Korean Protestantism.
Kang, Seok H., Ph.D. (1998), Birmingham
Religion and irreligion in Birmingham and the Black Country.
Robson, Geoffrey, Ph.D. (1998), Birmingham (McLeod, D. Hugh)
'Be ye holy': the Mildmay conference and the Keswick convention, 1856-1900.
Bucknall, Alison M., M.Phil. (1997), Birmingham (McLeod, D. Hugh)
Bishops, schoolmasters and saints: the making of Chaldia in the Pontos, 1820-1924.
Konstadinidou, Ioanna, Ph.D. (1997), Birmingham
The Oxford conference of the Universal Christian Council for Life and Work, July 1937: a missiological interpretation.
Smith, Graeme R., Ph.D. (1997), Birmingham