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W. Afr. Stud

Historical constructions of postcolonial citizenship and subjectivity: the case of the Lozi peoples of southern central Africa.
Flint, Lawrence, Ph.D. (2005), Birmingham (McCaskie, Thomas C.)
Ablode: networks, ideas and performance in Togoland politics, 1950-2001.
Collier, Katharine A., Ph.D. (2003), Birmingham (McCaskie, Thomas C.)
Muffled voices: women of the Ghanaian press, 1857-1957.
Gadzekpo, Audrey, Ph.D. (2002), Birmingham (Brydon, Lynne; Barber, Karin)
The king and his town: the importance of traditional rulers for local history in Ijebu-Remo (Nigeria).
Nolte, Insa, Ph.D. (1999), Birmingham (Farias, Paulo F. de Moraes)
Colonialism and cultural change: some aspects of the impact of modernity upon Asante.
Donkoh, Wilhelmina J., Ph.D. (1995), Birmingham (McCaskie, T.C.)
The historical development of theatre in the Cross River State.
Ebong, Inih A., Ph.D. (1991), Birmingham (Tonkin, J.E.A.)
Economic and political aspects of the relations between Brazil and the African continent, 1945-85.
Saraiva, Jose F.S., Ph.D. (1991), Birmingham (Farias, P.F. de M.)
Kalibari since 1880: a study of change and continuity.
Wariboko, Waibinte E., Ph.D. (1991), Birmingham (McCaskie, T.C.)