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Scientific theory, peasant practice and cultural change: interpretations of Lake Cerknica (Slovenia) since the 16th century.
Carmichael, Catherine D., Ph.D. (1993), Bradford (Alcock, J.)
PAX: the history of a Catholic peace society in Britain, 1936-71.
Flessati, V., Ph.D. (1991), Bradford
Kashmir and the partition of India: the politicians and the personalities involved in the partition of India, particularly in relation to the position of Kashmir at the moment of independence on 15 August 1947
Choudhry, S., M.Phil. (1990), Bradford
The origins and influence of religious denominations in Bradford, 1660-1890
Day, M.G., Ph.D. (1990), Bradford
The unwilling odyssey and exile of Jozef S., a Polish citizen, 1939-89.
Demunck, M.-F., M.Phil. (1990), Bradford
The West German S.P.D. and security policy from 1949 until the summer of 1989.
Stevenson, D.W.S., Ph.D. (1990), Bradford
Helmut Nicolai: the critical biography of a Nazi theorist and bureaucrat.
Housden, V.M., Ph.D. (1989), Bradford (Dyson, K.H.F.; Hiden, J.W.)
Leisure activities in Bradford and its environs, 1870-1920
Mann, .Y., M.Phil. (1989), Bradford
The historical genesis of the Islamic revolution
Zibakalam-Mofrad, S., Ph.D. (1989), Bradford
The 1740 Chinese massacres in Java: how Dutch colonialism created a problem minority in its effort to thwart Indonesia's domestic bourgeoisie
Kemasang, T.C., Ph.D. (1988), Bradford
The Labour party and family support policy, 1940-79
Pratt, A., Ph.D. (1988), Bradford
Agricultural co-operatives and changes in Greek agriculture since 1949.
Lappas, N., Ph.D. (1987), Bradford
The structure and political significance of sport in the German Democratic Republic.
Sutcliffe, P.W., Ph.D. (1987), Bradford
A scientific investigation of the brick and tile industry of York to the mid 18th century
Betts, I.M., Ph.D. (1985), Bradford
Methodism in Leeds, 1791-1861
Dews, D.C., M.Phil. (1985), Bradford (Reynolds, J.; Fraser, D.)
The roots of Jordanian-Palestinian relations, 1921-51
Abdul-Hadi, M.M.F., Ph.D. (1984), Bradford
Socio-economic change in two Greek peasant communities, 1849-81.
Kasimis, C., Ph.D. (1983), Bradford
Gandhi as a political organizer: an analysis of local and national campaigns in India, 1915-22
Overy, B., Ph.D. (1983), Bradford
Sir Isaac Holden (1807-97): 'the first comber in Europe'
Jennings, Elizabeth, Ph.D. (1982), Bradford (Reynolds, J.; Iredale, J.)
Fascism and Fascists in Britain in the 1930s: a case study of Fascism in the north of England in a period of economic and political change
Rawnsley. , S.J., Ph.D. (1982), Bradford (Coles, P.H.; Reynolds, J.)