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Regional policy and the British motor vehicle industry, 1945-64: a study in selective intervention and the economics of industrial location.
Rosevear, Stephen, Ph.D. (1999), Bristol (Middleton, Roger A.H.)
Portuguese lançados in Asia in the 16th and 17th centuries.
Yimprasert, Suthachai, Ph.D. (1999), Bristol (Brookshaw, David)
Holocaust memorialization in Great Britain.
Cooke, Steven, Ph.D. (1998), Bristol (Charlesworth, A.; Mills, C.A.)
'The contention of power': the role of the Jesuits in the Catholic life of Bristol, 1700-1830.
Hankins, Kenneth M.W., Ph.D. (1998), Bristol
The religious and business practice of 19th-century Quakers, with special reference to the Clarks of Street.
Harrison, Brenda, M.Litt. (1998), Bristol (Macleod, Christine)
Residence and kinship in a clothing community: Stonehouse, Glos., 1558-1804.
Hudson, Janet, Ph.D. (1998), Bristol (Macleod, Christine; Moore, B. John S.)
Organizing the labour market: unemployment and policy in Great Britain and France, 1880-1914.
Mansfield, Malcolm R., Ph.D. (1998), Bristol
The artisan sector in English economic development: networks of provision in deadstock processing crafts, c.1600-c.1850.
Thomason, Carmel M., Ph.D. (1998), Bristol
On the margins: negotiating cultural non-conformity in mid 16th-century ducal Florence.
Zanrè, Domenico A., Ph.D. (1998), Bristol
The representation of the Cotswolds, c.1850-c.1939.
Brace, Catherine S., Ph.D. (1997), Bristol (Charlesworth, A.; Thrift, N.J.)
Land and politics in Connacht, 1898-1909.
Campbell, Fergus J.M., Ph.D. (1997), Bristol (Beinart, William J.)
The treatment of foreigners in revolutionary France, 1789-97.
Rapport, Michael G., Ph.D. (1997), Bristol (Doyle, William)
Military influence on British civilian nursing, 1939-76.
Starns, Penny, M.Litt. (1997), Bristol (Lowe, Rodney)
Female spirituality amongst nonconformists, 1825-75.
Wilson, Linda, Ph.D. (1997), Bristol
Nonconformity and Anglican dissent in Restoration Wiltshire, 1660-89.
Lancaster, Henry J., Ph.D. (1996), Bristol (Hutton, Ronald E.)
Millenarian thought in Renaissance Rome, with special reference to Pietro Galatino and Egidio da Viterbo.
Leftley, Sharon A., Ph.D. (1996), Bristol (Antonovics, Anthony V.)
The Keynsham hundred: a study of the evolution of a N. Somerset estate, 350-1550.
Prosser, Lee, Ph.D. (1996), Bristol
The implementation of social policy in England in the 1930s: a case study of Cheshire County Council and Birkenhead County Borough.
Snape, Stephanie A., Ph.D. (1996), Bristol (Lowe, Rodney)
Charity, mutuality and philanthropy: voluntary provision in Bristol, 1800-70.
Gorsky, Martin, Ph.D. (1995), Bristol (Feldman, Daniel M.; Alford, Bernard W.E.)
The historical geography of rural social protest in Highland Scotland, c.1897-1939.
Robertson, Iain J.M., Ph.D. (1995), Bristol (Withers, C.W.J.; Gillies, W.; Charlesworth, A.)