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Recruitment and service in the King's African Rifles in the Second World War
Warner, Jennifer A., M.Litt. (1986), Bristol (Ingham, K.)
Aspects of the economic development of Southern Rhodesia, 1923-53
Choate, S.L, Ph.D. (1985), Bristol (Alford, B.W.E.)
A history of the architecture and ethos of school chapels
Hamilton, N.G., Ph.D. (1985), Bristol (Liversidge, M.J.H.; Large, D.)
The British defence of Egypt, 1935-September 1939
Morewood. , S., Ph.D. (1985), Bristol (Whittam, J.R.)
Walter Long and the Conservative party, 1905-21
Murphy. , R.P., Ph.D. (1985), Bristol (Vincent, J.R.)
Agricultural trade unionism in Gloucestershire, 1872-1950
Scotland, N.A.D., M.Litt. (1985), Bristol (Large, D.)
The development of the Bristol police force, 1880-1945
Howell, B.S., M.Litt. (1984), Bristol (Large, D.)
A history of Christianity in Belize, 1776-1838
Johnson. , W.R., Ph.D. (1984), Bristol (Ingham, K.)
'Sex antagonism' in the teaching profession: employment issues and the woman teacher in elementary education, 1910-39
Oram, Alison M., M.Sc. (1984), Bristol (Lowe, R.)
Traditional Thai historiography and its 19th-century decline
Pongsripian, W., Ph.D. (1984), Bristol (Brailey, N.J.)
George Weare Braikenridge (1775-1856): a Bristol antiquarian and his collections
Stoddard, S., M.Litt. (1984), Bristol
Bristol during the French Revolutionary War, 1793-1802
Vlaeminke, Mel, M.Litt. (1984), Bristol
Planning, the Labour governments and British economic policy, 1943-51
Chester, A., Ph.D. (1983), Bristol (Alford, B.W.E.)
Population movements of Mauritius, 1598-1911
Dyall, V.D., M.Sc. (1983), Bristol
Cardinal Wolsey's patronage of the arts
Hardie, Shelagh M., M.Litt. (1983), Bristol (Liversidge, A.V. Antonovics and M.J.H.)
Rationalization in the United Kingdom cotton industry, 1928-34
Hedges, J.A., Ph.D. (1983), Bristol (Alford, B.W.E.)
The M.P.s for Wiltshire, 1640-9
Hryniewicz, Elizabeth A., M.Litt. (1983), Bristol (McGrath, P.V.)
The wages problem in employment policy, 1936-48
Jones. , R.B., M.Sc. (1983), Bristol (Peden, G.C.)
The historical growth of property companies and the construction industry in Britain between 1939 and 1979
Smyth, H., Ph.D. (1983), Bristol
Calvinism and the English stage, with special reference to the period 1547-76
White, W.W.P., Ph.D. (1983), Bristol