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The Independant coalition and changing parliamentary alignments, December 1646- January 1648.
Willey, F.R., Ph. D. (1972), Cambridge (Wormald, B.H.G.)
The social history of the labouring classes in Iraq under the 'Abbasids (pre-Saljuq period, 750-1055 A.D.).
Begg, M.A.J., Ph.D. (1971), Cambridge (Serjeant, R.B.)
Popular opinion and foreign policy in the reign of Charles II.
Blake, D.M., M. Litt. (1971), Cambridge (Plumb, J.H.)
Taxation, finance and public opinion, 1688-1714.
Brooks, C., Ph. D. (1971), Cambridge (Plumb, J.H.)
The development of Cobden's thought on international relations, particularly with reference to his role in the mid 19th-century peace movement.
Carter, L.J., Ph.D. (1971), Cambridge
Mission and party in the Church of Scotland, 1810-43.
Chambers, D., Ph.D. (1971), Cambridge (Edwards, D.L.)
Francis Bacon: the study of history and the science of man.
Clark, D. S. T., Ph. D (1971), Cambridge (Wormald, B. H. G.)
Sir Edward Grey and British foreign policy in the Balkans, 1914-16: a study in war diplomacy.
Cosgrave, P.J., Ph.D. (1971), Cambridge (Butterfield, H.)
Aspects of English radicalism: the suppression of re-emergence of the constitutional democratic tradition, 1795-1809.
Cox, N.G., Ph.D. (1971), Cambridge (Beales, D.E.D.)
The Elizabethan treason laws.
Croxford, L., Ph. D. (1971), Cambridge (Elton, G.R.)
Sir Hubert Llewellyn Smith and labour policy, 1886-1916.
Davidson, R., Ph.D. (1971), Cambridge (Pelling, H.M.)
The origins and early growth of Anglican sisterhoods in the 19th century.
Denison, K.M., Ph.D. (1971), Cambridge (Newsome, D.H.)
Ex Occidente lux: some European sources on the economic structure of Persia between about 1630 and 1690.
Emerson, J., Ph.D. (1971), Cambridge (Avery, P.W.)
British-Persian relations in the 17th century.
Ferrier, R.W., Ph. D. (1971), Cambridge (Wilson, C.H.)
A geographical study of the field systems of Devon and Cornwall.
Fox, H.S.A., Ph.D. (1971), Cambridge (Darby, H.C.)
Evangelical and Roman Catholic missions to the Irish in London, 1830-70.
Gilley, S.W., Ph.D. (1971), Cambridge (Clark, G.S.R. Kitson)
The politics of the Venetian revolution of 1848-9.
Ginsborg, F.A., Ph. D. (1971), Cambridge (Pullan, B.S.)
Aristocratic warfare, ideology and goverment in pre-classical Greece.
Greenhalgh, P. A. L., Ph. D. (1971), Cambridge (Finley, M. I.)
From the Grafton administration to the ministery of North, 1768-72.
Hamer, M.T., Ph. D. (1971), Cambridge (Butterfield, H.)
Max Lenz: a study of Rankean historiography in the 20th century.
Herkless, J. L., M. Litt. (1971), Cambridge (Forbes, D.)