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Charcoal burial in early medieval England.
Holloway, James, Ph.D. (2009), Cambridge
A study in vernacular devotional translation in late medieval England.
Iguchi, Atsushi, Ph.D. (2009), Cambridge
Hegemony and economy in ancient Greece: helots, th?tes and subaltern agency, c.600-322 B.C.E.
Jew, Daniel Y.H., Ph.D. (2009), Cambridge
Object lessons: sensory science education, 1830-70.
Keene, Melanie J., Ph.D. (2009), Cambridge
Soviet child-soldiers in World War II.
Kucherenko, Olga R., Ph.D. (2009), Cambridge
The politics of refugee repatriation in the 20th century.
Long, Catherine, Ph.D. (2009), Cambridge
British official and intelligence responses to Soviet subversion against the United Kingdom, 1917-29.
Madeira, Victor, Ph.D. (2009), Cambridge
John Witherspoon and America's 'higher education'.
Mailer, Gideon, Ph.D. (2009), Cambridge
John Witherspoon and America's 'higher education'.
Mailer, Gideon A., Ph.D. (2009), Cambridge
Technical terminology in medieval Arabic science: the case of Kamāl al-Dīn and the rainbow.
Malik, Saira, Ph.D. (2009), Cambridge
Blasphemy in England, c.1660-1730.
Manning, David, Ph.D. (2009), Cambridge
Sikh communities in Southeast Asia and East Africa, c.1870-1970.
McCann, Gerard, Ph.D. (2009), Cambridge
Female moneylending and wet-nursing in Jewish-Christian relations in 13th-century England.
Meyer, Hannah, Ph.D. (2009), Cambridge
Vitaliano Donati and the search for his collection at the Museo Egizio di Torino.
Morecroft, Angela S., Ph.D. (2009), Cambridge
Coinage and history in Southumbrian England, c.750-865.
Naismith, Rory, Ph.D. (2009), Cambridge
The United Kingdom and Italy between Bretton Woods and European monetary integration.
Natali, Paolo, Ph.D. (2009), Cambridge
Writing history in the Third Republic: the 'legend' of the École Méthodique (1860-1914).
Noronha-DiVanna, Isabel, Ph.D. (2009), Cambridge
The reception of John Locke's religious and political thought, 1690-1710.
Pahlan, Homyar, Ph.D. (2009), Cambridge
The Liber Pontificalis and Franco-papal relations, 824-91.
Parton, Frances, Ph.D. (2009), Cambridge
Aspects of Anglo-Italian musical relations in the 14th century.
Pieragostini, Renata, Ph.D. (2009), Cambridge