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Estonia, the Baltic question and the 'big three' Allies in World War II.
Piirimäe, Kaarel, Ph.D. (2009), Cambridge
Literary culture in 9th-century northern Italy.
Pollard, Richard, Ph.D. (2009), Cambridge
The genesis of Greek Cypriot national identity in British-occupied Cyprus, 1878-1931.
Pophaides, Irene, Ph.D. (2009), Cambridge
Constructing an instrument: Nevil Maskelyne and the zenith sector, 1760-74.
Reeves, Nicholas, Ph.D. (2009), Cambridge
John Cary and the emulation of English political economy in 18th-century Europe.
Reinert, Sophus, Ph.D. (2009), Cambridge
The impact of the New World on economic and social debates in Britain, c.1860-1914.
Rogers, Edmund G., Ph.D. (2009), Cambridge
The politics of ethnicity and the transformation of Silesia, 1945-9: a comparison of two districts.
Service, Hugo L., Ph.D. (2009), Cambridge
The culture of paper money in Britain: the Bank of England note during the bank restriction period, 1797-1821.
Shin, Hiroki, Ph.D. (2009), Cambridge
Balogh, Kaldor and the economic policy of the Labour party, 1940-70.
Simon, Ágnes, Ph.D. (2009), Cambridge
Consumption, wealth, indebtedness and social structure in early modern England.
Sneath, Kenneth G., Ph.D. (2009), Cambridge
A study in the literary dimensions of Anglo-Saxon charters from the 7th century to the reign of Edgar.
Snook, Benjamin J., Ph.D. (2009), Cambridge
The discourse of human rights in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea: historical, political and cultural perspectives.
Song, Jiyoung, Ph.D. (2009), Cambridge
The earls in the reign of Edward I (1272-1307).
Spencer, Andrew M., Ph.D. (2009), Cambridge
The religiosity of English men-at-arms in the 14th century.
St. John, Graham E., Ph.D. (2009), Cambridge
The vice and sinnekens: a study of dramatic traditions in medieval and 16th-century England and the Low Countries.
Steenbrugge, Charlotte, Ph.D. (2009), Cambridge
The German family, 1939-56.
Vaizey, Hester L., Ph.D. (2009), Cambridge
The matriarchal imagination: the debates over J.J. Bachofen's Mutterrecht in the Weimar Republic.
Valdez, Damian, Ph.D. (2009), Cambridge
Monastic forgery in southern Italy during the central middle ages (c.900-1150).
Vickers, Julie-Ann, Ph.D. (2009), Cambridge
Reconstructing cultural heritage after civil war: making meaning and memory.
Viejo Rose, Dacia, Ph.D. (2009), Cambridge
The signifying question in Middle English religious discourse, c.1380-1500.
Vincent, Diane E., Ph.D. (2009), Cambridge