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''Addoli'r Dduwies Aur'' ('worshipping the goddess gold'): the patterns and processes of 19th century Welsh migration to the British Columbia gold-fields.
Matthews, Gethin, Ph.D. (2010), Cardiff
From soldier to settler: the Welsh in Ireland, 1558-1641.
Morgan, Rhys, Ph.D. (2010), Cardiff (Bowen, Lloyd)
Crusader castles of Cyprus: the fortifications of Cyprus under the Lusignans, 1191-1489.
Petre, James, Ph.D. (2010), Cardiff (Pringle, Denys)
Geology, visualisation and the 1893 hauliers' strike: an interdisciplinary exploration.
Preston, Catherine, Ph.D. (2010), Cardiff
The civic and the national: the third marquess of Bute, Cardiff and Wales, 1868-1900.
Richardson, Andrew, Ph.D. (2010), Cardiff (Jones, Bill)
The Roman to early medieval transition in south-east Wales: settlement, landscape and religion.
Seaman, Andrew, Ph.D. (2010), Cardiff
Identity in transition: Leipzig's cultural downfall, 1943-9.
Bluemel, Helen, Ph.D. (2009), Cardiff (Strobl, Gerwin)
Art, advertising and politics in Britain, 1929-45.
Edwards, Joanne, Ph.D. (2009), Cardiff (Passmore, Kevin)
Art, advertising and politics: the artists' crisis of connection, 1931-45.
Edwards, Joanne P. Allen, Ph.D. (2009), Cardiff
A policeman’s lot: the nature and dynamics of the Monmouthshire constabulary, 1857-1914.
Gregory, Margaret, M.Phil. (2009), Cardiff (Jones, William)
Seeing cannibals: European colonial discourses on the Latin American other.
Jiménez-Del-Val, Nasheli, Ph.D. (2009), Cardiff
The French veterans and the Republic: the Union Nationale des Combattants, 1933-9.
Millington, Chris, Ph.D. (2009), Cardiff (Passmore, Kevin)
The Conservative party and the extreme right, 1945-79.
Pitchford, Mark, Ph.D. (2009), Cardiff (Passmore, Kevin)
Dating of ancient astronomical phenomena: a critical assessment of eclipse dates from the ancient world.
Smith, Alexandra, Ph.D. (2009), Cardiff (Fisher, Nick)
Life and death of the longhouse: daily life during and after the early Neolithic in the river valleys of the Paris Basin.
Bickle, Penny, Ph.D. (2008), Cardiff
Lady Llanover and the creation of a Welsh cultural utopia.
Gurden-Williams, Celyn, Ph.D. (2008), Cardiff
Oblation and recruitment in the medieval period.
Halliday, Jennifer M., M.Phil. (2008), Cardiff (Nicholson, Helen J.)
Commercial finance during the industrial revolution: a study of local, national and international credit, 1800-44.
Ishizu, Mina, Ph.D. (2008), Cardiff (Hudson, Patricia)
The Greek church of Cyprus, Morea and Constantinople during the Frankish era, 1196-1303.
Kaffa, Elena, Ph.D. (2008), Cardiff (Edbury, P.)
Medieval rural settlements in the Syrian coastal region (12th and 13th centuries).
Major, Balázs, Ph.D. (2008), Cardiff