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People, politics and print: a history of the English-language book in industrial south Wales up to 1900.
Evans, Jonathan, Ph.D. (2010), Cardiff
'Invisible incomers'? Migration from the West Country to Glamorgan in the mid 19th century.
Francis, John F., Ph.D. (2010), Cardiff
Controlling colours: function and meaning of colours in the British iron age.
Hoecherl, Marlies, Ph.D. (2010), Cardiff
Constructing the father: 15th-century manuscripts of Geoffrey Chaucer's works.
Magnani, Roberta, Ph.D. (2010), Cardiff
Schönbrunn or Sanssouci: the Anschluss re-examined.
Manning, Jody A., Ph.D. (2010), Cardiff (Strobl, Gerwin)
''Addoli'r Dduwies Aur'' ('worshipping the goddess gold'): the patterns and processes of 19th century Welsh migration to the British Columbia gold-fields.
Matthews, Gethin, Ph.D. (2010), Cardiff
From soldier to settler: the Welsh in Ireland, 1558-1641.
Morgan, Rhys, Ph.D. (2010), Cardiff (Bowen, Lloyd)
Crusader castles of Cyprus: the fortifications of Cyprus under the Lusignans, 1191-1489.
Petre, James, Ph.D. (2010), Cardiff (Pringle, Denys)
Geology, visualisation and the 1893 hauliers' strike: an interdisciplinary exploration.
Preston, Catherine, Ph.D. (2010), Cardiff
The civic and the national: the third marquess of Bute, Cardiff and Wales, 1868-1900.
Richardson, Andrew, Ph.D. (2010), Cardiff (Jones, Bill)
The Roman to early medieval transition in south-east Wales: settlement, landscape and religion.
Seaman, Andrew, Ph.D. (2010), Cardiff
Identity in transition: Leipzig's cultural downfall, 1943-9.
Bluemel, Helen, Ph.D. (2009), Cardiff (Strobl, Gerwin)
Art, advertising and politics in Britain, 1929-45.
Edwards, Joanne, Ph.D. (2009), Cardiff (Passmore, Kevin)
Art, advertising and politics: the artists' crisis of connection, 1931-45.
Edwards, Joanne P. Allen, Ph.D. (2009), Cardiff
A policeman’s lot: the nature and dynamics of the Monmouthshire constabulary, 1857-1914.
Gregory, Margaret, M.Phil. (2009), Cardiff (Jones, William)
Seeing cannibals: European colonial discourses on the Latin American other.
Jiménez-Del-Val, Nasheli, Ph.D. (2009), Cardiff
The French veterans and the Republic: the Union Nationale des Combattants, 1933-9.
Millington, Chris, Ph.D. (2009), Cardiff (Passmore, Kevin)
The Conservative party and the extreme right, 1945-79.
Pitchford, Mark, Ph.D. (2009), Cardiff (Passmore, Kevin)
Dating of ancient astronomical phenomena: a critical assessment of eclipse dates from the ancient world.
Smith, Alexandra, Ph.D. (2009), Cardiff (Fisher, Nick)
Life and death of the longhouse: daily life during and after the early Neolithic in the river valleys of the Paris Basin.
Bickle, Penny, Ph.D. (2008), Cardiff