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Lady Llanover and the creation of a Welsh cultural utopia.
Gurden-Williams, Celyn, Ph.D. (2008), Cardiff
Oblation and recruitment in the medieval period.
Halliday, Jennifer M., M.Phil. (2008), Cardiff (Nicholson, Helen J.)
Commercial finance during the industrial revolution: a study of local, national and international credit, 1800-44.
Ishizu, Mina, Ph.D. (2008), Cardiff (Hudson, Patricia)
The Greek church of Cyprus, Morea and Constantinople during the Frankish era, 1196-1303.
Kaffa, Elena, Ph.D. (2008), Cardiff (Edbury, P.)
Medieval rural settlements in the Syrian coastal region (12th and 13th centuries).
Major, Balázs, Ph.D. (2008), Cardiff
The Athenian navy: an investigation into the operations, politics and ideology of the Athenian fleet between 480 and 322 B.C.
Potts, Samuel, Ph.D. (2008), Cardiff (Rawlings, Louis)
The Athenian mercantile community: a reappraisal of the social, political and legal status of inter-regional merchants during the 4th century.
Woolmer, Mark, Ph.D. (2008), Cardiff (Westgate, Ruth; Rawlings, Louis)
'The anatomy of abuses': artifice, nature and the body, c.1300-1700.
Bowen, Rachel, Ph.D. (2006), Cardiff
Aspects of power relationships between the English and the Welsh in the principality of Wales, 1284-1415: conflict and synthesis.
Davis, Carolyn, M.Phil. (2006), Cardiff
English music, 1860-1960: its reception, revival and recording.
Foreman, Ronald L.E., Ph.D. (2006), Cardiff
Parks and gardens in S. Wales created by coal and ironmasters, 1780-1880.
Jayne, Philip, M.Phil. (2006), Cardiff
'Bloodied banners': the form and function of military display on the medieval battlefield.
Jones, Robert W., Ph.D. (2006), Cardiff
Death and burial in the Latin East: the Crusader cemetery at 'Atlit, Israel.
Thompson, Jennifer, Ph.D. (2006), Cardiff
English pantomime in London, 1779-86.
Taylor, Wendy A., Ph.D. (1998), Cardiff
Circulating fiction 1780-1830: the novel in British circulating libraries of the Romantic era: with a check-list of 200 mainstream novels of the period.
Skelton-Foord, Christopher J., Ph.D. (1997), Cardiff
Elizabethan archbishops of canterbury and public opinion.
Sanders, Vivienne, M. A. (1980), Cardiff (Johnson, A.M.)
The development of the town of Gainsborough, 1750-1850.
Couth, W., M.A. (1975), Cardiff (Marshall, Dorothy)
The fiefs in England of the couts of Mortain, 1066-1106.
Soulsby, I.N., M. A. (1975), Cardiff (Loyn, H.R.)
The Wynn family and estate of Gwydir: their origins, growth and development up to 1674.
Jones, J.G., Ph. D. (1974), Cardiff (Pierce, G.O.)
The agricultural, domestic, social and cultural interests of the gentry of S.E. Glamorgan, 1540-1640.
Robbins, Margaret, Ph. D. (1974), Cardiff (Pierce, G.O.)