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Falconry in Britain between 1750 and 1927: the survival, organisation and development of the sport.
Mellor, Gordon, Ph.D. (2007), De Montfort
Opera houses and cultural policy since 1945: a comparative study of La Scala, Milan and the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London.
Merli, Paola, Ph.D. (2007), De Montfort
Entre contrainte et libération du corps: l'éducation physique scolaire publique suisse en quête d'une identité, 1800-1930.
Bussard, Jean-Claude, Ph.D. (2006), De Montfort
Greece, Balkan games and Balkan politics in the inter-war years, 1929-39.
Kissoudi, Penelope, Ph.D. (2006), De Montfort
A global policy in a regional setting: the Eisenhower administration, Latin America & Brazil, 1953-61.
Sewell, B., Ph.D. (2006), De Montfort
Choosing to be deaf: leisure and sport in the deaf community of north-west England, 1945-95.
Atherton, Martin, Ph.D. (2005), De Montfort
Continuity and change within the rural community of Skirbeck wapentake in Lincolnshire, 1901-71.
Dale, Keith, M.Phil. (2005), De Montfort
The development of sport in County Westmeath, 1850-1905.
Hunt, Thomas, Ph.D. (2005), De Montfort (Cronin, Michael J.)
The development and social history of cricket in Cornwall, 1815-81.
Clarke, Ian D., Ph.D. (2004), De Montfort
The Special Operations Executive in Norway, 1940-5: policy and operations in the strategic and political context.
Herrington, Ian, Ph.D. (2004), De Montfort (Ryan, David)
Discipline and morale: the British non-commissioned officer on the Western Front, 1914-18.
Penny, Stephen, Ph.D. (2004), De Montfort (Mason, Tony)
Invisible women/hidden voices: women writing on sport in the 20th century.
Bennett, Victoria, Ph.D. (2003), De Montfort (Lanfranchi, Pierre)
Becoming conspicuous: Irish travellers, society and the state, 1922-70.
Bhreatnach, Aoife E., Ph.D. (2003), De Montfort (Cronin, Michael J.)
The domestic influences on British European policy, 1964-7.
McKenna, J., Ph.D. (2003), De Montfort (Carter, Nicholas E.)
Women missionaries in China 1850s - 1930s.
White, J., Ph.D. (2003), De Montfort
Altered images: the Labour party and the Soviet Union in the 1930s.
Davis, Jonathan Shaw, Ph.D. (2002), De Montfort (Sandle, Mark A.)
The late Victorian Roman Catholic periodical press and attitudes to the 'problem of the poor'.
Merrell, C., Ph.D. (2001), De Montfort
The memory of the Spanish Civil War and the families of British International Brigaders.
Suart, Natalie A., Ph.D. (2001), De Montfort (Lanfranchi, Pierre; Sandle, Mark)
The developing pattern of horse racing in Yorkshire, 1700-49: an analysis of the people and the places.
Middleton, Iris M., Ph.D. (2000), De Montfort (Vamplew, Wray)
The Irish in Birmingham during the 19th century.
Peach, Alex, Ph.D. (2000), De Montfort (Panayi, Panikos)