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'The railway myth': flat racing in mainland Britain 1830-1914.
Tolson, John, M.Phil./Ph.D. (2000), De Montfort (Vamplew, Wray)
The 'shrieking sisterhood': membership, policy and strategy of the Women's Social and Political Union in Leicester and the E. Midlands, 1907-14.
Whitmore, Richard, Ph.D. (2000), De Montfort (Thoms, David W.)
Why we're all going on a summer holiday: the role of working-class organisations in the development of popular tourism, 1850-1950.
Barton, Susan Renou, Ph.D. (1999), De Montfort (Lanfranchi, Pierre)
Female culture in physical training colleges, 1885-1918.
Street, Kelvin J., Ph.D. (1999), De Montfort (Vamplew, Wray)
From immigrants to ethnic minority: African Caribbean people in Leicester, 1945-81.
Chessum, Lorna, Ph.D. (1998), De Montfort (Panayi, Panikos)
The history of the E. Midlands Housing Association, 1946-96: a study in housing policy and provision.
Bennett, Stephanie, M.Phil. (1997), De Montfort (Thoms, David W.)
'Proud Preston': a history of the Football League, 1900-39.
Taylor, Matthew, Ph.D. (1997), De Montfort (Lanfranchi, Pierre)
The growth and significance of the Coventry car component industry, 1895-1939.
Beaven, Bradley J., Ph.D. (1995), De Montfort (Thoms, D.W.; Mason, R.)
The Birmingham, Aston and King's Norton boards of guardians and the politics and administration of the poor law, c.1836-1912.
Tolley, Paul L., Ph.D. (1995), De Montfort (Thoms, D.W.; Mason, R.)