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Change and transition in a professional Scots family, c.1650-1900.
Cook, Diana H., Ph.D. (2013), Dundee (Kenefick, William; Brown, Callum G.)
The Scottish Enlightenment as a network.
Danskin, Julie, Ph.D. (2013), Dundee (McKean, Charles A.; MacDonal, Alan)
The horsemen got the start: horse ownership and advantage in Kentucky, 1770-1830.
Paul, Catriona M., Ph.D. (2013), Dundee (Ward, Matthew C.)
Reading habits in Scotland, 'c.'1750-1820.
Dunstan, Vivienne S., Ph.D. (2011), Dundee (McKean, Charles A.)
Patrick Geddes and the Celtic renascence of the 1890s.
Ferguson, Megan C., Ph.D. (2011), Dundee (McKean, Charles A.)
Scotland's castles: rescued, rebuilt and reoccupied, 1945-2010.
Inglis, Janet R., Ph.D. (2011), Dundee (McKean, Charles A.)
The acquisition and use of Norwegian timber in 17th-century Scotland, with reference to the principal building works of James Baine, His Majesty’s Master Wright.
Newland, Katharyne C., Ph.D. (2011), Dundee (McKean, Charles A.)
Walking the line of fire: violence, society and the war for the Kentucky and trans-Appalachian frontier, 1774-95.
Reid, Darren, Ph.D. (2011), Dundee (Ward, Matthew C.)
Now of little significancy? The convention of the royal burghs of Scotland, 1651-88.
Toller, John M., Ph.D. (2010), Dundee (McDonald, Alan)
The women's liberation movement in Scotland, 1967-9.
Browne, Sarah, Ph.D. (2009), Dundee (Brown, Callum)
The John Bell architecture of Renaissance Scotland.
Davis, Matthew, M.Phil. (2009), Dundee (McKean, Charles A.)
Still imperial? The White House, the Vietnam syndrome and the politics of military intervention in the United States. A study of presidential deployment decisions, 1982-95.
MacDonald, John P., Ph.D. (2009), Dundee
Scottish cowboys and the Dundee investors: the development of Dundee business connections in the 19th-century American South.
Swan, Claire, Ph.D. (2009), Dundee (McKean, Charles)
Mechanical abortions? The failure of British tank production, 1936-45.
Taylor, Richard, M.Phil. (2009), Dundee
Estimable and gifted? Women in Scottish politics, c.1918-55.
Baxter, Kenneth, Ph.D. (2008), Dundee (Kenefick, William)
The war work of the British motor car industry during Word War II and its effects on the post-war car industry.
Mann, Bruce, Ph.D. (2008), Dundee (Tomlinson, James)
Slaveholding Unionists - a contradiction in terms? An examination of border state identity in the American Civil War.
Smith, Gary, Ph.D. (2008), Dundee (Parker, Anthony W.)
Slaveholding unionists - a contradiction in terms? An examination of border state identity in the American Civil War era.
Smith, Gary J., Ph.D. (2008), Dundee
A study of aspiration and ambition: the Scottish Treasury Commission and its impact upon the development of Scottish country house architecture, 1667-82.
Wemyss, Charles, Ph.D. (2008), Dundee (McKean, Charles A.)
Festival city: the arts, culture and moral conflict in Edinburgh, 1947-67.
Bartie, Angela, Ph.D. (2007), Dundee