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The Walcheran expedition of 1809.
Christie, C.A., Ph.D. (1975), Dundee (Bartlett, C.J.)
Education in Perthshire to the Act of 1872.
Harding, A.W., Ph. D. (1975), Dundee (Adams, J.W.L.)
The historical geography of Strathmore up to late 11th century A.D.
Cottam, M.B., Ph.D. (1974), Dundee
Agricultural change in the Carse of Gowrie, 1750-1875.
Hodd, A.N.L., Ph.D. (1974), Dundee
The evolution of the planned villages of N. E. Scotland: studies in settlement geography, c.1700-c.1900.
Lockhart, D.G., Ph. D. (1974), Dundee
The Dundee Watt Institution, 1824-49.
Smith, J.V., B.Phil. (1973), Dundee (Stocks, J.C.)
The Cox family, the linen trade, and the growth of Lochee to 1921.
Donaldson, Kathleen, B.Phil. (1972), Dundee (Lenman, B.P.)
Representative and responsible government in southern Nigeria, 1923-60, with particular reference to Onitsha.
Okafor, S.O., Ph.D. (1972), Dundee (Whitaker, P.)
The wartime inter-allied negotiations on the zonal division of Germany.
Sharp, A.J., Ph. D. (1972), Dundee (Bartlett, C.J.)
Scottish noblewomen, the family and Scottish politics, 1688-1707.
Cowmeadow, Nicola M., Ph.D. (1970), Dundee (Whatley, Christopher A.; Patrick, Derek)
Kinship and politics in the art of plaster decoration.
Napier, William J., Ph.D. (1970), Dundee (McKean, Charles A.)