Browse theses from East Anglia

The British occupation of Cyprus, 1878-92.
Christodoulou, V., M. Phil. (1977), East Anglia (Barrass, D.A.)
The municipal technical college in England, 1889-1914.
Glover, C.A., M.Phil. (1977), East Anglia (Sanderson, J.M.)
The peasantry and the early absolute monarchy in Denmark, 1660-1708.
Munck, T., Ph. D. (1977), East Anglia (Oakley, S.P.)
The life and influence of Sir John Stainer.
Charlton, P., Ph.D. (1976), East Anglia
The role of the English provincial voluntary general hospitals in the 18th and 19th centuries.
Cherry, S., Ph.D. (1976), East Anglia (Wilson, R.G.)
The Church and politics in Russia, 1905-17: a study of the political behaviour of the Russian Orthodox clergy in the reign of Nicholas II.
Geekie, J.H.M., Ph. D. (1976), East Anglia (Mosse, W.E.)
Medical services and the medical profession in Norfolk, 1815-1911.
Muncaster, M.J., Ph.D. (1976), East Anglia
Politics in Norwich, 1701-1835.
O'Sullivan, D.S., M.Phil. (1976), East Anglia (Smith, A. Hassell)
Radicals and reationaries: the crisis of conservatism in Wilhelmine Germany.
Peck, A.J., M. Phil. (1976), East Anglia (Balfour, M.L.G.)
The development of Felixstowe, 1870-1970.
Riches, C.N., M.Phil. (1976), East Anglia (Gourvish, T.R.)
Choral instructions within the English church: their constitution and development, 1340-1500.
Bowers, R.D., Ph. D. (1975), East Anglia
The Holkham estate in the 19th century, with special reference to farm buildings and agricultural improvements.
Martins, S.W., Ph.D. (1975), East Anglia
British public opinion and collective security, 1926-36.
Pugh, M.C., Ph.D. (1975), East Anglia (Searle, G.R.)
The Chamber of Peers in France during the Restoration.
Anderson, G.K., Ph. D. (1974), East Anglia (Cooper, M.B.)
The politics of accession: James I and the parliament of 1604.
Munden, R.C., M. Phil. (1974), East Anglia (Ashton, R.)
The German film industry and the Third Reich.
Phillips, M.S., Ph. D. (1974), East Anglia (Balfour, M.L.G.)
The passing of the Municipal Corporations Act, 1830-5, and its political and administrative significance, 1835-71.
Smith, R.A.H., M.Phil. (1974), East Anglia (Hollis, Patricia L.; Smith, A. Hassell)
The operation of the poor law in the social and economic life of 19th-century Norfolk.
Digby, Anne, Ph.D. (1971), East Anglia (Campbell, R.H.)
Russia on the eve of the Great War: revolution or evolution?
McKean, R.B., Ph. D. (1971), East Anglia (Mosse, W.E.)
The study of the provision of physical education in schools in the 19th and 20th centuries: an examination of changing views.
Smith, W.D., M.Phil. (1971), East Anglia (Campbell, R.H.)