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The passing of the Municipal Corporations Act, 1830-5, and its political and administrative significance, 1835-71.
Smith, R.A.H., M.Phil. (1974), East Anglia (Hollis, Patricia L.; Smith, A. Hassell)
The operation of the poor law in the social and economic life of 19th-century Norfolk.
Digby, Anne, Ph.D. (1971), East Anglia (Campbell, R.H.)
Russia on the eve of the Great War: revolution or evolution?
McKean, R.B., Ph. D. (1971), East Anglia (Mosse, W.E.)
The study of the provision of physical education in schools in the 19th and 20th centuries: an examination of changing views.
Smith, W.D., M.Phil. (1971), East Anglia (Campbell, R.H.)
Development and organization of the Hitler Youth, 1930-3.
Stachura, P.D., Ph. D. (1971), East Anglia (Balfour, M.L.G.)
Britain, Turkey and Cyprus, 1950-9.
Gates, Christianne D., Ph.D. (1970), East Anglia
The Army League, conscription and the 1956 defence review.
Mitchell, David J., Ph.D. (1970), East Anglia (Butler, Lawrence J.)
The English historiography of the Crusades, 1550-1660.
Mower, Andrew J., Ph.D. (1970), East Anglia