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A context for fascist art and culture: an examination of debates in Critica Fascista (1923-43).
Casturà, Marilisa, Ph.D. (2008), East Anglia
America, Britain and the Cyprus crisis of 1974: calculated conspiracy or foreign policy failure?
Constandinos, Andreas, M.Phil. (2008), East Anglia (Butler, Lawrence J.)
Integrating documentary and archaeological evidence for battles: a case study from 17th-century England.
Foard, Glen, M.Phil. (2008), East Anglia (Liddiard, Robert E.)
Rational choice theory in history: shed light on Gallipoli and Operation 'Torch'?
Jelks, Stephanie, Ph.D. (2008), East Anglia (Charmley, John D.)
Judgement by eye: the art collecting life of E.J. Power, 1950-90.
McIntyre, I.S., M.A. (2008), East Anglia
Gendered imaginations? Illustrating the high medieval psalter for men and women in England.
Mills, Rosie Chambers, Ph.D. (2008), East Anglia
Antonio Gramsci and the politics of New Labour.
Pearmain, Andrew, Ph.D. (2008), East Anglia (Wood, Andrew)
Order and society: Great Yarmouth, 1366-1381.
Rodziewicz, Janka, Ph.D. (2008), East Anglia (Church, Stephen D.)
Magical imagination and modern urbanisation c.1750-1850.
Bell, Karl, Ph.D. (2007), East Anglia
Health and disease in medieval and Tudor Norwich.
Fay, Isla, Ph.D. (2007), East Anglia
The conversion of East Anglia: an archaeological perspective.
Hoggett, Richard, Ph.D. (2007), East Anglia
Experience vs. expectation: living the myth - the Komsomol and the cultural transformation of Soviet Russia, 1917-32.
Neumann, Matthias, Ph.D. (2007), East Anglia (Acton, Edward D.J.)
The paradox of unity: Winston Churchill, Mackenzie King and Anglo-Canadian relations, 1940-5.
Sloane, W. Neville, Ph.D. (2007), East Anglia
The family in the 'Islendingasögur': myth or reality.
Archer, Emily, Ph.D. (2006), East Anglia
The principles of peacemaking in the late 12th and early 13th centuries.
Benham, J.E.M., Ph.D. (2006), East Anglia
The Regimen Sanitatis and its dissemination in England, c.1348-1550.
Bonfield, Christopher A., Ph.D. (2006), East Anglia
Winston's folly: imperialism and the creation of modern Iraq.
Catherwood, Christopher, Ph.D. by publication (2006), East Anglia
Richard Woods (1715/16-93): surveyor, improver and master of the pleasure garden.
Cowell, Fiona E. Russell, Ph.D. (2006), East Anglia
Homes for heroes: housing legislation and its effect on working-class housing in rural Norfolk, 1918-39.
Linsley, Barbara, Ph.D. (2006), East Anglia
An edition of the cartulary of Binham priory, Norfolk, with a critical introduction.
Margerum, Johanna, M.Phil. (2006), East Anglia