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Political use and impact of art and theatre in the U.S.S.R. and the U.S. during the 1920s and 1930s.
McGregor, Alex, Ph.D. (2006), East Anglia
Attlee, Bevin and the role of the United Nations, 1945-9.
Rahman, Abdul, M.Phil. (2006), East Anglia
Evolving morality in a transatlantic society: Ida B. Wells, anti-lynching activism and British interest in American race relations, 1877-1914.
Silkey, Sarah L., Ph.D. (2006), East Anglia
Perceptions of the Norfolk landscape, c.1500-1700.
Whyte, Nicola, Ph.D. (2006), East Anglia
A history of evolution and interaction: man, roads and the landscape to c.1850
Harrison, Sarah A., Ph.D. (2005), East Anglia (Williamson, Tom M.)
Henry Neville and English republicanism in the 17th century.
Mahlberg, Gaby, Ph.D. (2005), East Anglia (Davies, Colin; Knights, Mark)
Lordship and land: Suffolk in the 10th and 11th centuries.
Marten-Holden, Lucy, M.Phil. (2005), East Anglia (Harper-Bill, Christopher)
Landholding and enclosure in the hundreds of East Flegg, West Flegg and Happing in Norfolk, 1695-1832.
Bacon, Keith, Ph.D. (2003), East Anglia (Williamson, Tom M.)
Marketing British tourism, 1918-45.
Beckerson, John, Ph.D. (2003), East Anglia (Church, Roy A.)
A green space beyond self-interest: the evolution of common land in Norfolk, c.750-2003.
Birtles, Sara, Ph.D. (2003), East Anglia (Williamson, Tom M.)
Urbanization, the development of the brewing industry and the proliferation of English town pubs in the 19th century, with special reference to Norwich, Norfolk.
Donovan, Robert E.K., Ph.D. (2003), East Anglia (Wilson, Richard G.)
'Getting out of the asylum': discharge and decarceration issues in asylum history, c.1890-1959.
Fisher, Mary, Ph.D. (2003), East Anglia (Cherry, Steven)
Crime and punishment in early modern England.
Parry, Keith, Ph.D. (2003), East Anglia (Wood, Andrew)
Trees and woodland in the Suffolk landscape, 1660-1870.
Thomas, Margaret A., Ph.D. (2003), East Anglia (Williamson, Tom M.)
Lost souls in the House of Restoration? British ex-servicemen and war disability pensions, 1914-30.
Bettinson, Helen, Ph.D. (2002), East Anglia (Cooter, Roger J.)
The education of the blind, 1880s-1920s.
Payne, Lyn, Ph.D. (2002), East Anglia (Sanderson, J. Michael)
Aspects of life at Norwich cathedral priory in the late medieval period.
Noble, Claire, Ph.D. (2001), East Anglia
Charitable institutions in Norfolk and Suffolk, c.1350-1600.
Phillips, Elaine, Ph.D. (2001), East Anglia
Anglo-American air co-operation, 1917-98.
Walbrecht, Donald, Ph.D. (2001), East Anglia
Nathaniel Richmond and 18th-century garden design.
Brown, David, Ph.D. (2000), East Anglia