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Aspects of life at Norwich cathedral priory in the late medieval period.
Noble, Claire, Ph.D. (2001), East Anglia
Charitable institutions in Norfolk and Suffolk, c.1350-1600.
Phillips, Elaine, Ph.D. (2001), East Anglia
Anglo-American air co-operation, 1917-98.
Walbrecht, Donald, Ph.D. (2001), East Anglia
Nathaniel Richmond and 18th-century garden design.
Brown, David, Ph.D. (2000), East Anglia
Assemblies and politeness, 1660-1840.
Dain, Angela, Ph.D. (2000), East Anglia (Wilson, Richard G.)
A Norfolk community in decline: a social and economic history of Victorian Walsingham.
Fears, Howard, Ph.D. (2000), East Anglia
'Warum geht es in Schwaben schlechter': the Nazi party in Württemburg, 1920-33.
Greig, Alan, Ph.D. (2000), East Anglia (Farr, Ian)
Woodworkers in Norwich, c.1200-1800.
Howard, Philip, M.Phil. (2000), East Anglia
Landscape of lordship: the landscape context of Castles in Norfolk, 1066-1506.
Liddiard, Robert E., M.Phil. (2000), East Anglia (Williamson, Tom M.)
Who cares? The morphology of 'caring' in children's hospitals, 1852-1950, with special reference to the Jenny Lind Hospital for Sick Children, Norwich.
Lindsay, Bruce, Ph.D. (2000), East Anglia
The development of the wetland vegetation of the Broadland region: a study of the sociohistorical factors which have influenced and modified the development of fen vegetation in Broadland.
Parmenter, Joanne M., Ph.D. (2000), East Anglia
Farming in High Suffolk, c.1660-1850.
Theobald, Jonathan, M.Phil. (2000), East Anglia (Williamson, Tom M.)
Changing landscapes, changing economies: holdings in Woodland High Suffolk, 1660-1850.
Theobald, Jonathan, M.Phil. (2000), East Anglia (Williamson, Tom M.)
The experience of time in early modern England, with special reference to eastern England.
Wattebot, Antoinette, Ph.D. (2000), East Anglia
The development of libraries in Norfolk country houses, 1660-1830.
West, Susie C., Ph.D. (2000), East Anglia
Norwich City Library and its intellectual milieu, 1608-1825.
Wilkins-Jones, Clive, M.Phil. (2000), East Anglia
Passive air defence in Great Britain, 1936-9: the production and distribution of gas masks.
Craven, Peter, M.Phil. (1999), East Anglia (Miller, Michael)
Preparing for total war: civilian gas mask policy in Britain, 1935-9.
Craven, Peter, M.Phil. (1999), East Anglia (Miller, Michael)
Walsingham: a social and economic history, 1800-1950.
Fears, Howard, M.Phil. (1999), East Anglia (Wilson, Richard G.)
Art and identity in the Mariana Islands: issues of reconstructing an ancient past.
Flores, J.S., Ph.D. (1999), East Anglia