Browse theses from East Anglia

Unequal partners: Great Britain, the U.S.A. and the British occupation of Germany, 1945-9.
Thorpe, Keir M., M.A. (1991), East Anglia (Farr, I.)
Family, land and occupation: the example of Maudach in the Lower Palatinate, 1840-1900.
Catt, Cathleen S., Ph.D. (1990), East Anglia (Evans, R.J.)
Unemployment in Norwich during the 1930s
Cunningham. , P.A., Ph.D. (1990), East Anglia (Miller, M.)
Norfolk agriculture, 1914-72
Douet, A., Ph.D. (1990), East Anglia (Wilson, R.G.)
Middle-class realignment and party politics in Norwich, 1900-32
Doyle, B.M., Ph.D. (1990), East Anglia (Searle, G.R.; Charmley, J.D.)
Sir Roger Townshend and his family: a study of gentry life in early 17th-century Norfolk
J. Campbell. , Linda, Ph.D. (1990), East Anglia (Smith, A. Hassell)
Education and revolution: the impact of 1848 on France.
Liu, M., M.A (1990), East Anglia (Price, R.D.)
The Norwich Dutch and Walloon Strangers' Book of Orders, 1564-1643
Rickwood, D.L., M.Phil. (1990), East Anglia (Smith, A. Hassell)
Militants and militancy in the Croix de Feu and Parti Social Francais: patterns of political experience on the French far Right, 1933-9.
Rymell, J.A., Ph.D. (1990), East Anglia (Short, R.S.)
The development of the poor law local acts, 1696-1833, with particular reference to the incorporated hundreds of East Anglia
Shaw, J., Ph.D. (1990), East Anglia (Wilson, R.G.)
Agriculture in the department of Meuse since 1945.
Smith, R.M., Ph.D. (1990), East Anglia (Price, R.D.)
Nathaniel Bacon: an Elizabethan squire, his family and household and their impact upon the local community
Taylor. , Jill, Ph.D. (1990), East Anglia (Smith, V.F.G. Morgan and A. Hassell)
The gentry and their houses in Norfolk and Suffolk, c.1550-1850
Wright. , N.D., Ph.D. (1990), East Anglia (Smith, A. Hassell)
Alexander Bogdanov, Left Bolshevism and the Proletkult, 1904-32.
Biggart, J., Ph.D. (1989), East Anglia (Teichova, Alice)
Aspects of popular culture, leisure and recreation in Imperial Germany, with particular reference to Bochum and Dusseldorf.
Abrams, Lynn, Ph.D. (1988), East Anglia (Evans, R.J.)
Land, inheritance and family in north-western Portugal: the case of Mosteiro in the 19th century.
Brandao, F., Ph.D. (1988), East Anglia (Casey, J.G.)
The diary of a country banker: James Oakes, 1778-1827
Fiske, P. Jane, Ph.D. (1988), East Anglia (Wilson, R.G.; Smith, A. Hassell)
Lord Lloyd: cultural diplomacy and foreign policy, 1937-41
Ramsden-Atherton, Victoria L., Ph.D. (1988), East Anglia (Charmley, J.G.)
The seaborne trade of the port of Ipswich and its members, 1558-1640
Evans, Florence M., Ph.D. (1987), East Anglia (Holderness, B.A.)
The triumph of jusqu'au-boutisme: the departement of the Isere, 1914-18.
Flood, P.J., Ph.D. (1987), East Anglia (Price, R.D.)