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The management of two E. Norfolk estates in the 17th century: Blickling and Felbrigg, 1596-1717
Griffiths, Elizabeth M., Ph.D. (1987), East Anglia (Holderness, B.A.)
The Dutch West Indies Company, 1621-74.
Pasteur, J.D., M.A (1987), East Anglia (Oakley, S.P.)
Perceptions of the Quaker movement in the 1650s
Firman. , N.S., Ph.D. (1986), East Anglia (Ashton, R.)
The Yarmouth herring industry, 1880-1960
I. Fewster. , Mary, M.Phil. (1986), East Anglia (Sanderson, J.M.)
Government and opposition: initiative, reform and politics in the house of commons, 1597-1610
Munden. , R.C., Ph.D. (1986), East Anglia (Ashton, R.)
'Go plough and eat': the impact of Gandhian intervention in a Bihar village, 1954-74
Nutbrown, I.C., M.Phil. (1986), East Anglia
Industrial relations in the British motor industry before 1939
Thornhill, A.R., Ph.D. (1986), East Anglia (Church, R.A.)
Surveiller et encourager: central control and lay primary school administration in the Rhone's rural cantons, 1815-48.
Gemie, S., Ph.D. (1985), East Anglia (Short, R.S.)
The experience of the urban Mittelstand in the German inflation of 1914-23: the case of Hamburg.
Lyth, P.J., Ph.D. (1985), East Anglia (Teichova, Alice)
Small family farming and the transformation of Turkish agriculture, 1950-65
Margulies, R., Ph.D. (1985), East Anglia
War and government in a Castilian province: Extremadura, 1640-68.
White, Lorraine G., Ph.D. (1985), East Anglia (Casey, J.G.)
The economic history of landed estates in Norfolk since 1880
Barnes, Pamela B., Ph.D. (1984), East Anglia (Wilson, R.G.)
French railways in Algeria, 1850-1900: a contribution to the study of colonial history
Belkacemi, B., Ph.D. (1984), East Anglia (Price, R.D.)
The effects of post-war inflation on industrial development in Hungary, 1918-27.
Boross, Elizabeth A., Ph.D. (1984), East Anglia (Teichova, Alice)
The British press and the Suez crisis of 1956
Gregory, J., M.Phil. (1984), East Anglia
Selected letters of the privy council to Norfolk, c.1580-1603
Grigg, A.J., M.Phil. (1984), East Anglia (Smith, A. Hassell)
Latin America and the Great War: a study of the effects of the First World War on the economic and social conditions in Peru and Chile
Henderson. , S.P., Ph.D. (1984), East Anglia (Albert, W.I.)
An analysis of the historical role of foreign labour in the Swiss economy, 1888- 1914.
Holmes, Madelyn J., Ph.D. (1984), East Anglia (Holderness, B.A.; Teichova, Alice)
Transatlantic marriages and the British peerage, 1870-1914: a study in Anglo-American culture
Montgomery, Maureen E., Ph.D. (1984), East Anglia (Temperley, H.R.; Searle, G.R.)
Country, court and Cambridge university, 1558-1640: a study in the evolution of a political culture
Morgan, V.F.G., Ph.D. (1984), East Anglia (Ashton, R.; Smith, A. Hassell)