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The growth of Christianity in Ugogo and Ukaguru (Central Tanzania): a socio-historical analysis of the role of indigenous agents, 1876-1933.
Akiri, Raphael M., Ph.D. (1999), Edinburgh
Factionalism in the Kirk during the Cromwellian invasion and occupation of Scotland, 1650-60: the protester-resolutioner controversy.
Holfelder, Kyle D., Ph.D. (1999), Edinburgh
A historical and cultural analysis of the position of Abaluyia women in Kenyan Quaker Christianity, 1902-79.
Mombo, Esther M., Ph.D. (1998), Edinburgh
African-American missionaries to E. Africa, 1900-26.
Orr, Rodney H., Ph.D. (1998), Edinburgh
A history of mission and of Christianity outside Europe.
Ross, Andrew C., Litt.D. (1998), Edinburgh
The Church of Scotland chaplains in the Second World War.
Coulter, David G., Ph.D. (1997), Edinburgh
The founding principles of the Africa Inland Mission and their interaction with the African context in Kenya, 1895-1939: the study of a faith mission.
Morad, Stephen D., Ph.D. (1997), Edinburgh
Thomas Gillespie and the origins of the Relief Church in 18th-century Scotland.
Roxburgh, Kenneth B.E., Ph.D. (1997), Edinburgh
The Sierra Leone native pastorate church, 1850-90: an experiment in ecclesiastical independence.
Hanciles, Jehu J., Ph.D. (1995), Edinburgh
Evangelical parachurch movements in Ghanaian Christianity, c.1950-early 1990s.
Adubofuor, Samuel B., Ph.D. (1994), Edinburgh
The religious itinerary of a people: the impact of the Christian gospel on the Kasena of Ghana, 1906-92.
Howell, Allison M., Ph.D. (1994), Edinburgh
The history of the expansion of Protestant Christianity among the Nepali diaspora.
Perry, Cindy L., Ph.D. (1994), Edinburgh
The development of Krio Christianity in Sierra Leone, 1792-1861.
Grant, Mary J.E. Currie, Ph.D. (1993), Edinburgh
Conflict, identity and co-operation: the relations of the Christian Church with the traditional, colonial and national states in Ghana, with special reference to the period 1916-66.
kell, Kofi E., Ph.D. (1992), Edinburgh
Evangelicalism and the socialist revival: a study of religion, community and culture in 19th-century Airdrie.
McCabe, Michael A., Ph.D. (1992), Edinburgh
Restoring the Reformation: British Evangelicalism and the `Reveil' at Geneva, 1816-49.
Stewart, Kenneth J.J., Ph.D. (1992), Edinburgh
Alexander Forbes of Brechin (1817-75): the first Tractarian bishop.
Strong, Rowan G.W., Ph.D. (1992), Edinburgh
Joseph Booth, 1892-1919: an evaluation of his life, thought and influence on religion and politics, with particular reference to British Central Africa (Malawi) and South Africa.
Kavaloh, Brighton G., Ph.D. (1991), Edinburgh