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Scottish overseas trade, 1597-1645.
Watson, Jennifer, Ph.D. (2005), Edinburgh (Blanchard, Ian S.W.; Lynch, Michael)
Popular perceptions of Scottishness, 1780-1850.
Iwazumi, Kino, Ph.D. (2002), Edinburgh (Morton, Graeme; Morris, Robert J.)
'Lovers and madmen have such seething brains': historical aspects of neurosyphilis in four Scottish asylums, c.1880-1930.
Davis, Gayle L., Ph.D. (2001), Edinburgh
Aspects of Protestant culture and society in mid-Antrim, 1857-67.
James, Kevin J., Ph.D. (2000), Edinburgh (Morris, Robert J.)
Patronage of livery players and their propagandist function in Tudor England, 1530-80.
Lee, Juo-Yung, Ph.D. (2000), Edinburgh (Fox, Adam P.; Blanchard, Ian S.W.)
Love and work: feminism, family and ideas of equality and citizenship, Britain 1900-39.
Innes, Susan K., Ph.D. (1998), Edinburgh (Brown, A.; Morris, Robert J.)
The British shipping industry in the 16th century.
Jones, Evan T., Ph.D. (1998), Edinburgh (Blanchard, Ian S.W.; Newman, J.)
Vocational education and society in Ireland, 1930-90: a case study in the politics of education.
O'Reilly, Bernard, Ph.D. (1998), Edinburgh
Women in medicine in late 19th- and early 20th-century Edinburgh: a case study.
Thomson, Elaine, Ph.D. (1998), Edinburgh