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The publishing history and development of school atlases and British geography, 1870-1930.
MacDougall, Julie, Ph.D. (2013), Edinburgh (Withers, C.W.J.)
British mapping of Africa: publishing histories of imperial cartography, c.1880-1915.
Prior, Amy, Ph.D. (2013), Edinburgh (Withers, C.W.J.)
The historical geography of the Royal Scottish Museum, 1858-1939.
Swinney, Geoffrey, Ph.D. (2012), Edinburgh (Withers, C.W.J.)
Mapping Scotland's military landscape, 1690-1810: the Board of Ordnance Maps and Plans of Scotland.
Anderson, Carolyn, Ph.D. (2010), Edinburgh (Withers, C.W.J.)
Reading the reception of Ellen Churchill Semple's Influences of geographic environment (1911)
Keighren, Innes, Ph.D. (2008), Edinburgh (Withers, C.W.J.)
The 1858-63 Zambezi expedition: African exploration and science in the field.
Dritsas, Lawrence, Ph.D. (2005), Edinburgh
Natural history societies in Victorian Scotland: towards a historical geography of civic science.
Finnegan, Diarmid A., Ph.D. (2005), Edinburgh
A Scot of the Antarctic: the reception and commemoration of William Speirs Bruce
Keighren, Innes, M.Sc. (2003), Edinburgh
A historical geography of glacial theory in early 19th-century Edinburgh.
Finnegan, Diarmid, M.Res. (2001), Edinburgh
Local governance and economic development: re-figuring state regulation in the Scottish Highlands
Mackinnon, Daniel, Ph.D. (1999), Edinburgh (Withers, Charles W.J.)
Scotland on display: the image of Highland Scotland in Scottish exhibitions, 1888-1938.
Stevens, Anita, M.Sc. (1995), Edinburgh (Withers, C.W.J.)