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Scot. Hist

The locksmith craft in early modern Edinburgh.
Allen, Aaron M., Ph.D. (2005), Edinburgh (Lynch, Michael; Dennison, E. Patricia)
Shapinsay: the transformation of an island society, 1830-75.
Barker, Douglas, Ph.D. (2005), Edinburgh (Cameron, Ewen A.; Murdoch, Alexander J.)
The Scottish Enlightenment: reconfiguring citizenship for a commercial age.
Francis, Katherine G., Ph.D. (2005), Edinburgh
Scotland and Philip II, 1580-98: politics, religion, diplomacy and lobbying.
Sáenz-Cambra, Concepción, Ph.D. (2003), Edinburgh (Lynch, Michael; Goodare, Julian)
Knighthood, chivalry and the Crown in 15th-century Scotland, 1424-1513.
Stevenson, Katherine C., Ph.D. (2003), Edinburgh (Boardman, Stephen I.; Goodare, Julian)
Politics and religion in Edinburgh, 1617-53.
Stewart, Laura A.M., Ph.D. (2003), Edinburgh (Lynch, Michael; Goodare, Julian)
A regional road to revolution: religion, politics and society in S.W. Scotland, 1600-50.
Adams, Sharon, Ph.D. (2002), Edinburgh (Lynch, Michael; Goodare, Julian M.)
Lay piety in later medieval Scotland.
Brown, Helen S., M.Sc. (2002), Edinburgh
The relationship between land ownership and the commercialization of agriculture in Angus, 1750-1820.
Blair-Imrie, Hew, Ph.D. (2001), Edinburgh
'Shoulder to shoulder?': Scottish and Irish land reformers in the Highlands of Scotland, 1878-90.
Newby, Andrew G., Ph.D. (2001), Edinburgh
Edinburgh during the Covenanting era, 1637-51.
Stewart, Laura A. McLeod, Ph.D. (2001), Edinburgh
The household and court of King James VI of Scotland, 1567-1603.
Juhala, Amy L., Ph.D. (2000), Edinburgh (Lynch, Michael; Bannerman, John W.M.)
Divided Gaels. Gaelic Scotland and Gaelic Ireland, 1200-1650: perceptions and connections.
McLeod, Wilson C., Ph.D. (2000), Edinburgh
The business of the College of Justice in 1600: how it reflects the economic and social life of Scots men and women.
Coutts, Winifred K., Ph.D. (1999), Edinburgh (Lynch, Michael; Sellar, W. David H.)
The Scottish burghs during the Cromwellian occupation, 1651-60.
Gillanders, Susan, Ph.D. (1999), Edinburgh (Lynch, Michael; Dennison, Elizabeth P.D.)
Scotland and the American Civil War: a local perspective.
Peters, Lorraine, Ph.D. (1999), Edinburgh (Cameron, Ewen A.; Cullis, Philip J.)
Scotland and the American Civil War.
Peters, Lorraine, Ph.D. (1999), Edinburgh (Cameron, Ewen A.; Cullis, Philip J.)
Kennedy kindred, 1346-1576, in Carrick and S.W. Scotland and the influence of Gaelic society.
Simmons, John, Ph.D. - suspended (1999), Edinburgh (Lynch, Michael; Boardman, Steven I.)
The Scottish glass industry, 1610-1750.
Turnbull, Jill, Ph.D. (1999), Edinburgh (Lynch, Michael; Murdoch, Alexander J.)
A study of the extent to which existing native religious society helped to shape Scotland's reformed monastic community, 1070-1286.
Veitch, Kenneth, Ph.D. (1999), Edinburgh (Bannerman, John W.M.; Lynch, Michael)