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Influences of British architecture in China: Shanghai and Tientsin, 1843-1943.
Fang, Yuan, Ph.D. (1995), Edinburgh
The survival and decline of locally-based and family firms in the Kirkcaldy area, c.1900-1960.
Mackie, Robert L., Ph.D. (1995), Edinburgh (Morris, R.J.)
The decline in marital fertility of Edinburgh grocers in the later 19th century.
Rainger, Christine A., M.Phil. (1995), Edinburgh (Anderson, M.; Morris, R.J.)
Home at work: the structuring of women's employment in late 19th-century Dundee.
Crockett, Nicole J., Ph.D. (1994), Edinburgh (Siltanen, Janet; Morris, R.J.)
The history and culture of the St. Kildans to 1930.
Harman, Mary, Ph.D. (1994), Edinburgh
Scottish Council for Research in Education, 1928-93.
Morris, John G., Ph.D. (1994), Edinburgh
Unionist-nationalism: the historical construction of Scottish national identity, Edinburgh, 1830-60.
Morton, Graeme, Ph.D. (1994), Edinburgh (McCrone, D.)
Geographical mobility, occupational changes and family relationships in early 19th-century Scotland.
Tidswell, David P., Ph.D. (1994), Edinburgh (Adams, I.H.)
The market for farm labour in Scotland, 1900-39.
Anthony, Richard F., Ph.D. (1993), Edinburgh (Morris, R.J.; Hughes, G.A.)
Social work's changing task; an analysis of the changing task of social work as seen through the history and development of one Scottish voluntary organization, Family Care.
Cree, Viviene E., Ph.D. (1993), Edinburgh (Davidson, R.F.; Brown, B.)
Voluntary associations and the middle class in Edinburgh, 1780-1820.
Dalgleish, Andrew J., Ph.D. (1992), Edinburgh (Morris, R.J.; Dickinson, H.T.)
The Russian and Soviet view of the military-technical character of future war, 1877-2017.
Bellamy, Christopher D., Ph.D. (1991), Edinburgh (Erickson, J.)
The bushrangers and the convict system of Van Diemen's Land, 1803-46.
Maxwell-Stewart, Hamish J., Ph.D. (1991), Edinburgh (Graves, A.A.)
The social, economic and geographical aspects of rural tradesmen in Scotland, with specific references to lowland Scotland, c.1750-1950.
Young, Craig, Ph.D. (1991), Edinburgh