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The transformations of capoeira practice in Brazil and Europe: a comparison between different strategies of insertion.
Granada Da Silva Ferreira, Daniel, Ph.D. (2013), Essex (Röhrig Assunção, Matthias)
Dangerous spaces: working-class homes and fatal household accidents in Suffolk, 1840-1900.
Holmes, Victoria J., Ph.D. (2013), Essex (Higgs, Edward J.)
William Burkitt (1650-1703), vicar and lecturer of Dedham: his life, library and legacy.
Moate, Gerard Grigglestone, Ph.D. (2013), Essex (Raven, James R.)
Playing the men: manhood and authority in the armies of the British Civil War.
Regnier-McKellar, Sara, Ph.D. (2013), Essex (Walter, John D.)
Medical ethics and the development of jurisdiction over children by medicine in 19th-century England and Wales.
Wilson, Cathryn, Ph.D. (2013), Essex (Crawford, Catherine J.)
'To be doers of what you have been hearers': the politics and religions of the office-holders in the Ipswich Corporation, c.1635-c.1665.
Heavens, Deirdre, Ph.D. (2012), Essex (Walter, John D.)
The face of free China: tourism, Cold War and nation building, 1945-79.
Lee, Hui-Man, Ph.D. (2012), Essex (Smith, Stephen A.)
'One of the most deplorable incidents in American history' : the McMahon Act and the Anglo-American Atomic (un)co-operation, 1949-58.
Lucas, Matthew, M.A. (2012), Essex (Venn, Fiona M.)
The history of the London brewing trade, 1750-1850.
Pryor, Alan, Ph.D. (2012), Essex (Raven, James R.)
Women and occupations in the census of England and Wales, 1851-1901.
Wilkinson, Amanda, Ph.D. (2012), Essex (Higgs, Edward J.)
Factors affecting mortality in Ipswich, 1851-1911, in the context of Thomas McKeown's model of mortality decline.
Folan, Anne, Ph.D. (2011), Essex (Higgs, Edward J.)
'In brightest day, in blackest night': superhero narratives and U.S. historical trauma, 1938-2010.
Goodrum, Michael, Ph.D. (2011), Essex (Haynes, John)
Hogarth's commentators: interpreting and recycling Hogarthian art in Georgian England.
Karayianni, Mikela, Ph.D. (2011), Essex
A social history of women in the mine compounds of the Zambian copperbelt during the colonial period.
Sakala, Foster, Ph.D. (2011), Essex (Krikler, Jeremy M.)
Policing in Essex and Suffolk, 1830-80.
Bolton, Frank, M.Phil. (2010), Essex (Higgs, Edward J.)
Social meaning and impact of Empire Day both in British and colonial contexts.
English, James, Ph.D. (2010), Essex (Krikler, Jeremy M.)
Imagining Caribbean womanhood: racialised femininities, colour-blind nationalisms and beauty contests.
Rowe, Rochelle, Ph.D. (2010), Essex (Gurney, Peter J.)
Representations of Caribbean womanhood: racialised femininities, colour-blind nationalisms and beauty contests
Rowe, Rochelle, Ph.D. (2010), Essex (Gurney, Peter)
Freud, student of Charcot: loyalties, liberties and polemics between 1886 and 1896.
Rudvik, Ewa, Ph.D. (2010), Essex
'This is a country that advances': the offical propaganda of the military regime in Brazil, 1968-79.
Schneider, Nina, Ph.D. (2010), Essex (Röhrig Assunção, Matthias)