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The client network, connections and patronage of Sir John Howard (Lord Howard, first duke of Norfolk) in north-east Essex and south Suffolk.
Ashdown-Hill, John, Ph.D. (2008), Essex (Thornton, Christopher)
From Cairo to Baghdad: British travel writing on Arabia, 1882-2003.
Canton, James, Ph.D. (2008), Essex
Hegemony, institutionalisation and political journalism: the case of the English radical press, 1789-1832.
Prentoulis, Marina, Ph.D. (2008), Essex
Residential persistence in rural Victorian England: a comparative study of seven Kent parishes.
Taylor, Paul Newton, Ph.D. (2008), Essex
The Creole elite and the rise of Angolan proto-nationalism, 1870-1920.
Corrado, Jacopo, Ph.D. (2007), Essex
The great missal of Abbot Nicholas de Litlyngton.
East, Douglas, Ph.D. (2007), Essex
The retardation of the infant mortality decline in England during the late 19th and 20th century.
Glenister, Paul, Ph.D. (2007), Essex
Antisuyu: an investigation of Inca attitudes to their western Amazonian territories.
Martins, Cristiana B., Ph.D. (2007), Essex
Politics and economics in the London sugar trade, 1670-1904.
Pryor, Alan, M.Phil. (2007), Essex
Clerical masculinity and the turmoil of early modern England.
Tate, Patricia, M.Phil. (2007), Essex
The struggle for the meaning of democracy in Chile, 1988-94.
Valenzuela, Hernán C., Ph.D. (2007), Essex
Mersea Island in the Second World War.
Bullen, Roger, M.A. (2006), Essex
Paling into insignificance: constructions of white femininities in Girls' Crystal magazine, 1946-63.
Campbell, Mairead S., Ph.D. (2006), Essex
The second wave of the women’s movement in Greece, 1974-90: struggle and discontents.
Frantzeskaki, Anastasia, Ph.D. (2006), Essex
The origins, history and development of the Podiatry Association in England, c.1969-1996.
Graham, Margaret, Ph.D. (2006), Essex
Popular identities in the Jose Maria Caro settlement, Santiago di Chile, 1959-2000.
Nicholls Lopeandia, Nancy B., Ph.D. (2006), Essex
Relations between workers and the Communist party in Moscow, 1920-4.
Pirani, Simon, Ph.D. (2006), Essex
Queues, complaints, dissatisfaction: politics and culture of consumption in the German Democratic Republic, 1970-90.
Schroder, Christina, Ph.D. (2006), Essex
The cultural politics of history. Writing in Singapore: a post-colonial study.
Teng, Siao See, Ph.D. (2006), Essex
Transforming the gendered organisation of labour: factory women and industrialisation in Taiwan, 1960-2000.
Wang, Shih-Chih, Ph.D. (2006), Essex