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Antisuyu: an investigation of Inca attitudes to their western Amazonian territories.
Martins, Cristiana B., Ph.D. (2007), Essex
Politics and economics in the London sugar trade, 1670-1904.
Pryor, Alan, M.Phil. (2007), Essex
Clerical masculinity and the turmoil of early modern England.
Tate, Patricia, M.Phil. (2007), Essex
The struggle for the meaning of democracy in Chile, 1988-94.
Valenzuela, Hernán C., Ph.D. (2007), Essex
Mersea Island in the Second World War.
Bullen, Roger, M.A. (2006), Essex
Paling into insignificance: constructions of white femininities in Girls' Crystal magazine, 1946-63.
Campbell, Mairead S., Ph.D. (2006), Essex
The second wave of the women’s movement in Greece, 1974-90: struggle and discontents.
Frantzeskaki, Anastasia, Ph.D. (2006), Essex
The origins, history and development of the Podiatry Association in England, c.1969-1996.
Graham, Margaret, Ph.D. (2006), Essex
Popular identities in the Jose Maria Caro settlement, Santiago di Chile, 1959-2000.
Nicholls Lopeandia, Nancy B., Ph.D. (2006), Essex
Relations between workers and the Communist party in Moscow, 1920-4.
Pirani, Simon, Ph.D. (2006), Essex
Queues, complaints, dissatisfaction: politics and culture of consumption in the German Democratic Republic, 1970-90.
Schroder, Christina, Ph.D. (2006), Essex
The cultural politics of history. Writing in Singapore: a post-colonial study.
Teng, Siao See, Ph.D. (2006), Essex
Transforming the gendered organisation of labour: factory women and industrialisation in Taiwan, 1960-2000.
Wang, Shih-Chih, Ph.D. (2006), Essex
Ideology and identity: married women's experience in England, 1750-1870.
Williams, Carole, Ph.D. (2006), Essex
Lady Damaris Masham: an appraisal of a 17th-century gentlewoman.
Baker, Kathleen C., Ph.D. (2005), Essex
Domination and slave resistance on Cuban plantations, 1808-48.
Barcia-Paz, Manuel, Ph.D. (2005), Essex (Röhrig Assunção, Matthias)
Maritime trade of the port of Maldon, c.1568-1668.
Cook, Bronwen, Ph.D. (2005), Essex (Walter, John D.)
Resistance in exile: Sitting Bull and the Hunkpapa Sioux in Canada, 1877-81.
Felton, Mark, Ph.D. (2005), Essex (Curtin, Mary Ellen)
Sold! Slaves in advertising during the age of segregation.
Gibrill, Marion, M.A. (2005), Essex (Curtin, Mary Ellen)
Dealing with defeat: opposition in Britain, 1945-97.
Kemp, Robert, Ph.D. (2005), Essex