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Sir Bartle Frere and the Zulu War.
O'Connor, Damian, M.A. (2001), Essex
Women's health care in England and France, 1650-1770.
Smith, Lisa W., Ph.D. (2001), Essex
Peasant communities, local economies and household composition in 19th-century Slovenia.
Sovic, Silvia, Ph.D. (2001), Essex
Mexico's British debt, 1824-84, and the question of diplomatic rupture and restoration.
Villegas, Silvestre, Ph.D. (2001), Essex
'Unselfish' desires: daughters of the Anglican clergy, 1830-1914.
Yamaguchi, Midori, Ph.D. (2001), Essex
A study of civilian internment by the Japanese in the Far East, 1941-5.
Archer, Bernice E., Ph.D. (2000), Essex (Smith, Stephen A.)
Economic and social aspects of the Essex coastal trade, c.1700-1900.
Beckett, Roger, M.A. (2000), Essex (Schürer, Kevin)
The Essex coastal trade, c.1790-1880.
Beckett, Roger, M.A. (2000), Essex (Schürer, Kevin)
Rape victims and the law: a study of the treatment of female complainants by the courts and legal attitudes towards sexual crime in London and Bristol, c.1650-1850.
Gammon, Julie D., Ph.D. (2000), Essex (Fletcher, Anthony J.)
Interaction within the rural society of W. Essex, 1800-50: the case of Capel Cure, the Blake Hall estate and the Chipping Ongar district.
Hall-Garrett, Peter, M.A. (2000), Essex (Hussey, Stephen)
The development and failure of Dovercourt Bay, Essex, as a seaside resort during the 19th century.
Kemp-Luck, Anne, M.A. (2000), Essex (Brown, Arthur F.J.)
A study of Japanese civilian internment camps in the Far East, 1941-5.
Archer, Bernice, Ph.D. (1999), Essex (Smith, Stephen A.)
Images of community in French and British post-war cinema during the 1940s.
Butler, Margaret, Ph.D. (1999), Essex (Crossick, Geoffrey J.)
The creation of place image in inter-war Clacton and Frinton.
Chase, Laura, Ph.D. (1999), Essex
Reinterpretation of the Couvade.
Dixon, Robin, Ph.D. (1999), Essex (Jordanova, Ludmilla J.)
Social relationships and developing class tensions within W. Essex rural communities, 1800-50.
Hall-Garrett, Peter, M.A. (1999), Essex (Hussey, S.)
Critical realism and social change: Spain in the 1930s.
Lopez, Jose, Ph.D. (1999), Essex (Benton, E.)
Colonial Bermuda: hierarchies of difference, articulations of power.
Saltus-Blackwood, Roiyah S., Ph.D. (1999), Essex
The freedom of Sudbury, Suff., in the 18th century.
Berry, Allan W., M.A. (1998), Essex (Walter, John D.)
A late 14th-century service book: the historiated and inhabited initials of the Great Missal (c.1383-4) of Abbot Nicholas de Litlyngton.
East, Douglas, M.Phil. (1998), Essex (Martin, Geoffrey H.)