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The gendering of space in early modern Essex, c.1580-1720.
Flather, Amanda J., Ph.D. (2002), Essex (Walter, John D.)
'A sun among cities': space, identities and queer male practices, London, 1918-57.
Houlbrook, Matthew, Ph.D. (2002), Essex (Crossick, Geoffrey J.)
India in the making of liberal identities: the case of Mary Carpenter and Harriet Martineau.
Quinn, Brenda, Ph.D. (2002), Essex
The apotheosis of the last stand genre: George Armstrong and the Battle of Little Big Horn.
Barker, Richard A., M.Phil. (2001), Essex
British women and the Spanish Civil War, c.1936-1939.
Jackson, Angela, Ph.D. (2001), Essex
Sir Bartle Frere and the Zulu War.
O'Connor, Damian, M.A. (2001), Essex
Women's health care in England and France, 1650-1770.
Smith, Lisa W., Ph.D. (2001), Essex
Peasant communities, local economies and household composition in 19th-century Slovenia.
Sovic, Silvia, Ph.D. (2001), Essex
Mexico's British debt, 1824-84, and the question of diplomatic rupture and restoration.
Villegas, Silvestre, Ph.D. (2001), Essex
'Unselfish' desires: daughters of the Anglican clergy, 1830-1914.
Yamaguchi, Midori, Ph.D. (2001), Essex
A study of civilian internment by the Japanese in the Far East, 1941-5.
Archer, Bernice E., Ph.D. (2000), Essex (Smith, Stephen A.)
Economic and social aspects of the Essex coastal trade, c.1700-1900.
Beckett, Roger, M.A. (2000), Essex (Schürer, Kevin)
The Essex coastal trade, c.1790-1880.
Beckett, Roger, M.A. (2000), Essex (Schürer, Kevin)
Rape victims and the law: a study of the treatment of female complainants by the courts and legal attitudes towards sexual crime in London and Bristol, c.1650-1850.
Gammon, Julie D., Ph.D. (2000), Essex (Fletcher, Anthony J.)
Interaction within the rural society of W. Essex, 1800-50: the case of Capel Cure, the Blake Hall estate and the Chipping Ongar district.
Hall-Garrett, Peter, M.A. (2000), Essex (Hussey, Stephen)
The development and failure of Dovercourt Bay, Essex, as a seaside resort during the 19th century.
Kemp-Luck, Anne, M.A. (2000), Essex (Brown, Arthur F.J.)
A study of Japanese civilian internment camps in the Far East, 1941-5.
Archer, Bernice, Ph.D. (1999), Essex (Smith, Stephen A.)
Images of community in French and British post-war cinema during the 1940s.
Butler, Margaret, Ph.D. (1999), Essex (Crossick, Geoffrey J.)
The creation of place image in inter-war Clacton and Frinton.
Chase, Laura, Ph.D. (1999), Essex
Reinterpretation of the Couvade.
Dixon, Robin, Ph.D. (1999), Essex (Jordanova, Ludmilla J.)