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Social relationships and developing class tensions within W. Essex rural communities, 1800-50.
Hall-Garrett, Peter, M.A. (1999), Essex (Hussey, S.)
Critical realism and social change: Spain in the 1930s.
Lopez, Jose, Ph.D. (1999), Essex (Benton, E.)
Colonial Bermuda: hierarchies of difference, articulations of power.
Saltus-Blackwood, Roiyah S., Ph.D. (1999), Essex
The freedom of Sudbury, Suff., in the 18th century.
Berry, Allan W., M.A. (1998), Essex (Walter, John D.)
A late 14th-century service book: the historiated and inhabited initials of the Great Missal (c.1383-4) of Abbot Nicholas de Litlyngton.
East, Douglas, M.Phil. (1998), Essex (Martin, Geoffrey H.)
A study of the British industrial wage structure, 1900-26.
Gowers, Robin, Ph.D. (1998), Essex
Eighteenth-century medicine and William Blake (under the title 'The Anatomy of Blake').
Ishizuka, Hisao, Ph.D. (1998), Essex (Crawford, Catherine J.)
Marriage, gender, family and the Old Believer community, 1760-1850.
Korovushkina, Irina, Ph.D. (1998), Essex
The agrarian history of Botswana, 1930-65.
Morapedi, W. Gilbert, Ph.D. (1998), Essex (Krikler, Jeremy M.)
The institutional care and treatment of people categorized as mentally defective before and after the Second World War: the Royal Eastern Counties Institution.
Stevens, Andrew R.A., Ph.D. (1998), Essex (Crawford, Catherine J.)
The British imperial network in the Mediterranean, 1800-70: a study of regional fragmentation and imperial integration.
Chircop, John, Ph.D. (1997), Essex (Venn, Fiona M.)
The power of exclusion: moving memories from Windermere to the Cape Flats, 1920s-1990s.
Fields, S., Ph.D. (1997), Essex
Condemned or condoned? Investigating the problem of unmarried motherhood in England, 1945-60.
Fink, Janet, Ph.D. (1997), Essex (Davidoff, Leonore)
The problems of the British iron and steel industry in the period 1900-30, with special reference to its financial structure and performance.
Hopkins, Lionel A., M.Phil. (1997), Essex (Woolf, Stuart J.; Hatton, T.)
The rural middling sort in an 18th-century Essex village: Great Tey, 1660-1830.
Pearson, Jane, Ph.D. (1997), Essex (Walter, John D.)
History of life in the Tower Gardens estate, N. Tottenham.
Bligh, Diana, M.Phil. (1996), Essex (Harloe, M.H.; Thompson, Paul R.)
The Italian Resistance in the Second World War in fact and in fiction.
Davis, Thomas, M.A. (1996), Essex (Venn, Fiona M.)
The shadow of marriage: single women in England, 1919-39.
Holden, Katherine, Ph.D. (1996), Essex
Cultural constitution of female psychiatric disorders, 1870-1938.
Loughlin, Kelly E., Ph.D. (1996), Essex (Crawford, Catherine J.)
The location of the Domesday manors in Purleigh, Essex.
Potter, Stephen, M.A. (1996), Essex (Martin, Geoffrey H.)