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Women of art and nature: representation of the feminine ideal through fashion in Britain, 1850-1900.
Sato, Mutsumi, M.A. (1995), Essex (Crossick, G.J.)
Freedom without licence: family attitudes toward women in 19th-century America.
Williams, Mark, M.A. (1995), Essex (Brogan, D.H.V.)
Infanticide in England, 1840-80.
Arnot, Margaret L., Ph.D. (1994), Essex (Davidoff, Leonore)
Political and industrial developments in the coal-mining communities of the lower Calder Valley, 1840-95.
Rusiecki, Paul, Ph.D. (1994), Essex (Crossick, G.J.)
Farmworker unionism in N.W. Essex, 1870-1914.
Woodgate, Mervyn A., M.Phil. (1993), Essex (Brown, A.F.J.)
Images of the human body in early modern Portugal.
Bellini, Ligia, Ph.D. (1992), Essex (Jordanova, Ludmilla J.)
The social context of medical practice: gynaecology in Glasgow, 1850-1914.
Bevan, Michael J., Ph.D. (1992), Essex (Jordanova, Ludmilla J.)
Stalinism and the Brazilian Communist party.
Guedes de Oliveira, Marcos Aurelio, Ph.D. (1992), Essex
The army in Colchester and its influence on the social, economic and political development of the town, 1854-1914.
Robertson, Angus, Ph.D. (1992), Essex (Thompson, P.R.; Brown, A.)
Crusader ideology (1095-1291): a comparative study.
Yousef, Abdul K., Ph.D. (1992), Essex
Ideological control of Polish press and literature, 1944-82.
Zajaczkowski-Gotin, A., M.Phil. (1991), Essex
The Arab Gulf countries in Egyptian strategy: a study of Muhammed Ali's ambitions and British responses, 1818-40.
Al-Ghamdi, H.M., Ph.D. (1990), Essex (Stanwood, F.J.)
The Sultanate of Muscat and the United States: a study of mutual co-operation between Sultan Said and the American merchants.
Al-Khudhairi, M.S., Ph.D. (1990), Essex (Venn, Fiona M.)
Imperial air communications and British policy changes in the Trucial States, 1929-52
Al-Sayegh. , Fatma, Ph.D. (1990), Essex (Venn, Fiona M.)
The 'middling sort' in provincial England: politics and social relations in Colchester, 1730-1800
D'Cruze, Shani L., Ph.D. (1990), Essex (Crossick, G.J.)
The therapeutic practices of Jean-Martin Charcot 1825-93) in their historical and social context.
James, Mary E., Ph.D. (1990), Essex (Jordanova, Ludmilla J.)
A proto-industrial community study: Coggeshall in Essex, c.1500-c.1750
Johnson, C.J., Ph.D. (1990), Essex (Walter, J.D.)
Medical practice and medical theory: smallpox in Britain during the long 18th century
Joscelyne, Christine E., Ph.D. (1990), Essex (Jordanova, Ludmilla J.)
Women and marriage breakdown in England, 1832-57
Nevill, Marjorie, Ph.D. (1990), Essex (Jordanova, Ludmilla J.)
The salience of economics in the formulation of United Kingdom foreign policy: the Persian Gulf, 1945-55
Wieschhoff, K.H., Ph.D. (1990), Essex