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The therapeutic practices of Jean-Martin Charcot 1825-93) in their historical and social context.
James, Mary E., Ph.D. (1990), Essex (Jordanova, Ludmilla J.)
A proto-industrial community study: Coggeshall in Essex, c.1500-c.1750
Johnson, C.J., Ph.D. (1990), Essex (Walter, J.D.)
Medical practice and medical theory: smallpox in Britain during the long 18th century
Joscelyne, Christine E., Ph.D. (1990), Essex (Jordanova, Ludmilla J.)
Women and marriage breakdown in England, 1832-57
Nevill, Marjorie, Ph.D. (1990), Essex (Jordanova, Ludmilla J.)
The salience of economics in the formulation of United Kingdom foreign policy: the Persian Gulf, 1945-55
Wieschhoff, K.H., Ph.D. (1990), Essex
Soviet public health: a case study of Leningrad, 1917-32.
Williams, C., Ph.D. (1990), Essex (Smith, S.A.)
The Hejaz railway, 1900-18: policy objectives and consequences
Al-Hameed, A.M., Ph.D. (1989), Essex (Stanwood, F.J.)
The Resident in the Gulf: British power in transition, 1858-72
Al-Omery. , O.S., Ph.D. (1989), Essex (Stanwood, F.J.)
The making of Hong Kong society: a sociological study of class formation in Hong Kong, 1841-1922
Chan, W.K., Ph.D. (1989), Essex
Division and cohesion in the 19th-century middle class: the case of Ipswich, 1830-70
Hills. , P.A., Ph.D. (1989), Essex (Crossick, G.J.)
Masculinity and the evolution of management cultures in British industry, 1945- 85
Roper. , M.S., Ph.D. (1989), Essex (Thompson, P.R.)
The Fire Service: the social history of a uniformed working-class occupation
Segars, T., Ph.D. (1989), Essex (Thompson, P.R.)
Commerce and conflict: the English East India Company factories in the Gulf, 1700-47
Al-Khalifa. , K.K., Ph.D. (1988), Essex (Stanwood, F.J.)
The 'well-affected' and the 'country': politics and religion in English provincial society, c.1640-c.1654
Cliftlands. , W., Ph.D. (1988), Essex (Walter, J.D.)
Popular songs and social history: a study of the miners of the North East
Deacon, G.C., Ph.D. (1988), Essex (Thompson, P.R.)
Inappropriate development, engineering ideology and the corporatist vision in Italy, 1890-1929.
Fotheringham, R.B., Ph.D. (1988), Essex (Goodman, J.)
Crossing gender boundaries in 18th-century England
Friedli, Lynne K., Ph.D. (1988), Essex (Jordanova, Ludmilla J.)
The Malay Regiment, 1933-44: a political and social study of a colonial military establishment in Malaya.
Haron, Nadzan, Ph.D. (1988), Essex (Thompson, P.R.)
Pronatalism and sterility, 1900-50
Pfeffer, Naomi H., Ph.D. (1988), Essex (Jordanova, Ludmilla J.)
The education and training of 18th-century English girls, with special reference to the working classes
Simonton, Deborah L., Ph.D. (1988), Essex (Jordanova, Ludmilla J.)