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Industrial workers and the party-state in the U.S.S.R., 1928-32.
Dale, J.P., Ph.D. (1984), Essex
The housing of Ipswich, 1840-1973
Griffiths, Mary M., Ph.D. (1984), Essex (Thompson, P.R.)
Migrant labour and colonial rule in southern Africa: the case of colonial Basutoland, 1890-1930
Kimble, Judith M., Ph.D. (1984), Essex (Wolpe, H.)
Owner-occupation and class struggle: the mortgage strikes of 1938-40
McCulloch, A.D., Ph.D. (1984), Essex
A comparative analysis of two Venezuelan dictatorships: the regimes of Juan Vicente Gomez and Marcos Perez Jimenez
Sanchez, Carmen B., M.Phil. (1984), Essex (Collier, S.D.W.)
The Argentine Socialist party, 1890-1930: early development and internal schisms
Mullaney. , M.F., Ph.D. (1983), Essex (Collier, S.D.W.)
Colonialism and the extended family in the Benin kingdom of Nigeria, 1897- 1950
Obinyan, T.U., M.Phil. (1983), Essex
'The odd corner of England': a study of a rural social formation in transition, Cumbria, c.1700-c.1914
Searle. , C.E., Ph.D. (1983), Essex (Newby, H.)
'The great momentous time': radicalism and the Norfolk farm labourer, 1872- 1923
Howkins. , A.J., Ph.D. (1982), Essex (Newby, H.)
Inflation and economic policy in a small open economy: Iceland in the post-war period.
Stefansson, S.B., Ph.D. (1982), Essex
An examination of the General Union of Textile Workers, 1883-1922
Bornat, Joanna, Ph.D. (1981), Essex (Thompson, P.R.)
William Thomas (1799-1860), of Birmingham, Leamington Spa and Toronto
Einarson, N.G., M.Phil. (1981), Essex
The East Anglian fisherman, 1880-1914
Lummis. , T., Ph.D. (1981), Essex (Thompson, P.R.)
Women as homeworkers: an analysis of the homework labour force in Englandfrom 1850 until the present day
Pennington, Shelley L., Ph.D. (1981), Essex (Thompson, P.R.)
Educational policy in Argentina, 1880-1916.
de Finkel, S.R.M., Ph.D. (1979), Essex
Danish Naziam: the membership of Danmarks national Socialistiske Arbejder Parti, 1930-45.
Djursaa, Malene, Ph. D. (1979), Essex (Woolf, S.J.)
Social change and family structure: women, work and the decline of family size in England and Wales, 1900-39.
Gittins, D.G., Ph.D. (1979), Essex
Agricultural change and rural conflict in county Tipperary, 1800-45.
Shankleman, Jill E., Ph.D. (1979), Essex
The problem of the interaction of literacy, culture and the social structure, with special reference to the late Roman and early medieval periods.
Stratton, J.G., Ph. D. (1979), Essex
Social history of the Chatham dockyard workforce, 1860-1906.
Waters, Mavis J., Ph.D. (1979), Essex (Thompson, P.R.)