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The office of chief amir (Amir al-Umara), 324-34/935-45.
El-Zahrani, M.M., M.A. (1975), Exeter
The British-owned Argentine railways, 1857-1947.
Lewis, C.M., Ph.D. (1975), Exeter (Minchinton, W.E.)
British shipping trading to southern Europe and the Mediterranean, 1775-83.
Willey, C.P.A., M.A. (1975), Exeter
the English slave trade, 1698-1739.
Atkinson, M., M. A. (1974), Exeter
Primary education in France between 1879 and 1914, with special reference to the department of Finistere.
Godfrey, R.J., Ph. D. (1974), Exeter
The English Atlantic slave trade in its final phase, from early 1770s to 1807.
Lamb, D.P., M.A. (1974), Exeter
The trades between Bristol and northern Europe, 1770-80.
Merrett, C., M.A. (1974), Exeter
'The churches train teachers': an historical survey of the part played by the churches of all denominations in the training of elementary teachers in Enggland and Wales, from the first government grant for education in 1833 to the establishment of day tra
Fuller, F.W.T., Ph.D. (1973), Exeter
The evolution of Conservative theory, c.1800-1841.
Gylfason, V., M.A. (1973), Exeter (Coleman, B.I.)
Population change in Britain, 1600-1841: the example of Topsham, Devon.
Robotham, D.J., M. A. (1973), Exeter
Public elementary education in rural Devon, 1833-1902: the locality and the state.
Sellman, R.R., Ph.D. (1973), Exeter (Coleman, B.I.)
The English and English-colonial trade in slaves to Virginia, 1698-1769.
Waite, P., M.A. (1973), Exeter
The Courtenay cartulary from Powderham castle, Devon.
Collison, Mary P.D., M. A. (1972), Exeter (Barlow, F.)
Church and society in early Victorian Torquay.
Duncan, G.S., M.A. (1972), Exeter
The ascetic conventicles of the 4th century.
Garland, C. J., Ph. D. (1972), Exeter
Liverpool and the Western African slave trade, 1720-69.
Gould, J.J., M.A. (1972), Exeter (Minchinton, W.E.; Fisher, H.E.S.)
Stewardship and landed society: a sudy of the stewards of the Longleat estate, 1779-1895.
Gunstone, D.P., M.A. (1972), Exeter (Coleman, B.I.)
The Royal Navy as an instrument in Brtish foreign relations, between the Peace of Paris and the War of the American Revolution.
Tracy, J.N., Ph.D. (1972), Exeter (Bromley, J.S.)
The rise and decline of Porthleven harbour, 1810-1960.
Trethowan, D.M., M.A. (1972), Exeter (Minchinton, W.E.)
The life of Richard Hurrell Froude to 1833.
Brunton, B.R., M.A. (1971), Exeter (Thurmer, J.A.)