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Henry VIII and the English military establishment.
Raymond, James J., Ph.D. (2004), Exeter (Black, Jeremy; Barry, Jonathan)
Roman noble self-presentation as an influence on the historiographical tradition of early Rome.
Richardson, James H., Ph.D. (2004), Exeter
Transformations and adaptations: the English landed gentry, 1870-1939.
Rothery, Mark D., Ph.D. (2004), Exeter (Rees, Timothy; Thorpe, Andrew)
Silver mining in England and Wales, 1066-1500.
Claughton, Peter F., Ph.D. (2003), Exeter (Burt, Roger; Whittle, Jane C.)
The role of the Royal Navy in the amphibious assaults in the Second World War.
Howcroft, Ivor, Ph.D. (2003), Exeter (Duffy, Michael; Rodger, Nicholas A.M.)
The operation of the 1930 Mental Treatment Act in local psychiatric hospitals: the introduction of voluntary patients and new treatment regimes in the Devon Mental Hospital, 1931-8.
Pearce, David N., Ph.D. (2003), Exeter (Melling, Joseph L.; Webster, Charles)
Identity, conflict and compromise: the Russian nobility, 1917-24.
Rendle, Matthew, Ph.D. (2003), Exeter (Donald, Moira; Rees, Timothy)
The heritage in heritage tourism: a case study of Devon, 1940-2000.
Rowe, Helen C., Ph.D. (2003), Exeter (Shaw, Gareth; Brace, Catherine)
Politics in Truro surrounding the 1835 Municipal Corporations Act.
Thomson, David M.G., Ph.D. (2003), Exeter (Coleman, Bruce I.; Tregidga, G.)
Naval surgeons, surgery and the impact of the Great French War, 1793-1815.
Wallace, Janice I., Ph.D. (2003), Exeter (Duffy, Michael; Barry, Jonathan)
Conservative women, the Conservative party and the campaign for women's suffrage, 1867-1914.
Auchterlonie, Mitzi M., Ph.D. (2002), Exeter (Coleman, Bruce I.; Thorpe, Andrew J.)
Albion's sisters: a study of trades directories and female economic participation in the mid 19th century.
Foster, David, Ph.D. (2002), Exeter (Shaw, Gareth; Coles, Tim)
The pressures for immigration restriction in the Pacific Northwest, 1890-1924.
Allerfeldt, Kristofer M., Ph.D. (2001), Exeter (Noakes, Jeremy D.; Smith, Joseph)
Symbolic representation on maps: the Ordnance Survey and windmills.
Bignell, William, Ph.D. (2001), Exeter (Kain, Roger J.P.)
The Mental Deficiency Acts, 1913-48: medical care, control and eugenics.
Dale, Pamela L., Ph.D. (2001), Exeter (Melling, Joseph L.)
Procrastination or pragmatism? British defence policy, War Office administration and the South African war, 1898-1903.
Meriwether, Jeffrey L., M.Phil. (2001), Exeter
Decline and change in some west Devon market town parishes, 1841-91.
Walker, Peter, Ph.D. (2001), Exeter (Overton, Mark; Melling, Joseph L.)
Policing in England and Wales between the two world wars.
Griffiths, Derek P., Ph.D. (2000), Exeter
The ideology of maritime museums, with particular reference to the interpretation of early modern navigation.
Hicks, Robert D., Ph.D. (2000), Exeter (Duffy, Michael; Fisher, H.E. Stephen)
The road books of England and Wales, 17th-19th centuries: a cartobibliography and analysis.
Hodson, Donald, Ph.D. (2000), Exeter (Kain, Roger K. P.)