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The Mental Deficiency Acts, 1913-48: medical care, control and eugenics.
Dale, Pamela L., Ph.D. (2001), Exeter (Melling, Joseph L.)
Procrastination or pragmatism? British defence policy, War Office administration and the South African war, 1898-1903.
Meriwether, Jeffrey L., M.Phil. (2001), Exeter
Decline and change in some west Devon market town parishes, 1841-91.
Walker, Peter, Ph.D. (2001), Exeter (Overton, Mark; Melling, Joseph L.)
Policing in England and Wales between the two world wars.
Griffiths, Derek P., Ph.D. (2000), Exeter
The ideology of maritime museums, with particular reference to the interpretation of early modern navigation.
Hicks, Robert D., Ph.D. (2000), Exeter (Duffy, Michael; Fisher, H.E. Stephen)
The road books of England and Wales, 17th-19th centuries: a cartobibliography and analysis.
Hodson, Donald, Ph.D. (2000), Exeter (Kain, Roger K. P.)
The transformation of society, culture and landscape in 17th-century Tipperary.
Morissey, John, Ph.D. (2000), Exeter (Gibson, Alex J.; Brace, Catherine)
Wimborne Minster, Dorset: a study of a small town, 1620-90.
Reeve, David C., Ph.D. (2000), Exeter
Anglo-Polish naval relations, 1918-47.
Troman, Wanda M.J., Ph.D. (2000), Exeter (Duffy, Michael)
Labour and management relations at Swindon locomotive works, 1948-70.
Anson, Michael J., Ph.D. (1999), Exeter (Melling, Joseph L.; Booth, Alan E.)
The post-Second World War productivity agencies and Britain, c.1948-60, with special reference to automation.
Bufton, Mark W., Ph.D. (1999), Exeter (Booth, Alan E.; Wilks, Stephen R.M.)
Aspects of Athenian relations with the Black Sea region, 600-300 B.C.
Demir, Muzaffer, Ph.D. (1999), Exeter
Government and the gas industry, 1945-73.
Jenkins, Andrew G., Ph.D. (1999), Exeter (Melling, Joseph L.; Booth, Alan E.)
The Penjdeh crisis and its impact on the Great Game and the defence of India, 1885-97.
Johnson, Robert A., Ph.D. (1999), Exeter (Coleman, Bruce; Williams, Ann)
The making of the Royal Naval Officer Corps, 1860-1914.
Jones, Mary, Ph.D. (1999), Exeter
A study of the management of metalliferous mining in 19th-century Cornwall, with particular reference to the Thomas family.
Mann, Jacqueline H., M.Phil. (1999), Exeter
Divination and Roman historiography.
Nice, Alexander Thetmore, Ph.D. (1999), Exeter
Female and child agricultural day labourers in Somerset, c.1685-1870.
Speechley, Helen V., Ph.D. (1999), Exeter (Overton, Mark; Whittle, Jane C.)
The frigate captains of the Royal Navy, 1793-1815.
Wareham, Thomas N.R., Ph.D. (1999), Exeter
Management and labour relations at Swindon railway locomotive works, 1947-67.
Anson, Michael J., Ph.D. (1998), Exeter (Melling, Joseph L.; Booth, Alan E.)