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German academic scientists and the impact of National Socialism.
Bragg, Christine, M.A. (1997), Exeter (Noakes, Jeremy D.)
Commodore George Johnstone: a study in 18th-century naval command.
Butterfield, Charles A., Ph.D. (1997), Exeter (Duffy, Michael)
The voyages of the Dolphin as precursors of Cook's voyages of exploration.
Cock, Randolph, M.A. (1997), Exeter (Duffy, Michael)
The provision of parks and preservation of open spaces for 19th-century London.
Eeles, Joan M., M.A. (1997), Exeter (Coleman, Bruce I.)
The Empire, Neville Chamberlain and appeasement: the degree to which the Empire influenced the policy of appeasement of Nazi Germany.
Fry, Kevin E., M.A. (1997), Exeter (Thorpe, Andrew J.)
Territoriality and the territorialization of W. Cornwall.
Harvey, David, Ph.D. (1997), Exeter (Gibson, Alex J.; Shaw, Gareth)
C. Licinius Macer and the historiography of the early republic.
Hodgkinson, Michael J., Ph.D. (1997), Exeter
British policy and the nationalist movement in Egypt, 1914-24.
Hussain, Majid S., Ph.D. (1997), Exeter (Choueiri, Y.)
Medieval chapels in Devon.
James, Jeanne, M.Phil. (1997), Exeter (Orme, Nicholas I.)
The 1919 Egyptian revolution.
Majid, Hussein, Ph.D. (1997), Exeter (Choueiri, Y.)
The economic and social power of two landed families in 19th-century rural Devon, with particular reference to their provision of labourers' housing.
Nicholls, Bryan, M.Phil. (1997), Exeter (Melling, Joseph L.)
A comparative study of the cost and durability of ships of the line built for the Royal Navy during the Seven Years' War and the American War of Independence.
Rosier, Barrington A., Ph.D. (1997), Exeter (Duffy, Michael)
Ecologies of power: [the Isle of] Man's changing fortunes in the high middle ages.
Russell, Ruth C. Tomkins, M.A. (1997), Exeter (Crick, Julia C.)
The development of the port of Plymouth in the railway age, 1848-1914.
Townley, Tracy Y., M.A. (1997), Exeter (Duffy, Michael)
Bodies and battles: the treatment of casualties in the British Navy during the 1790s.
Wallace, Janice I., M.A. (1997), Exeter (Cavallo, Sandra)
Oman's relations with Persia, 1737-1868.
Al-Muqadam, Mohammad S., Ph.D. (1996), Exeter
Some contributions of Nevil Maskelyne and his contemporaries to the solution of navigational problems, 1761-1811, including revaluation of their position-finding by computer-aided methods.
Bailey, David M., M.A. (1996), Exeter (Duffy, Michael)
Timber trading, shipbuilding and the estate areas of Cornwall.
Baker, Michael W., M.A. (1996), Exeter (Duffy, Michael)
The evolution of urban retail systems in Germany, 1848-1914: an historical-geographical perspective.
Coles, Tim E., Ph.D. (1996), Exeter (Shaw, Gareth)
The rise of aquatic recreation and sport: yachting and rowing in England and S. Devon, 1640-1914.
Cusack, Janet, Ph.D. (1996), Exeter (Fisher, H.E. Stephen; Duffy, Michael)