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Military medicine in the Wehrmacht.
Flucker, Alexandra, Ph.D. (2011), Glasgow Caledonian (Shepherd, Ben)
The Poor Law in 19th-century Ireland.
Cousins, Mel, Ph.D. (2010), Glasgow Caledonian (Stewart, John; McFarland, Elaine W.)
The history of the quantity surveying profession in Scotland.
Trushell, Ian, Ph.D. (2010), Glasgow Caledonian (Macdonald, Catriona M.M.)
Orthopaedic impairment in inter-war Glasgow: pressures, paradigms and medical provision.
Carr, Simon, Ph.D. (2008), Glasgow Caledonian (Johnston, Ronald; McFarland, Elaine W.)
Death, mourning and commemoration in 19th-century Scotland.
Smith, Michael, Ph.D. (2008), Glasgow Caledonian (McFarland, Elaine W.; Macdonald, Catriona M.M.)
The United Presbyterian church in late 19th-century Glasgow.
Smith, Richard, M.Phil. (2008), Glasgow Caledonian (Macdonald, Catriona M.M.; McFarland, Elaine W.)
Causation and impact of silicosis in Scotland in the 20th century.
Morrison, Sue, Ph.D. (2007), Glasgow Caledonian (Johnston, Ronald; McFarland, Elaine W.)