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From longhouse to stone rows: the competitive assertion of ancestral affinities.
Carnes, Alexander, Ph.D. (2013), Glasgow (Brophy, Kenneth E.)
Treatment of the 'special' dead in the early middle ages: Anglo-Saxon and Slavic perspectives.
Kaznakov, Vladimir, Ph.D. (2013), Glasgow (Dunn, Marilyn; Smith, Julia)
Geoffrey, count of Anjou and duke of Normandy, 1129-51.
Dutton, Kathryn A., Ph.D. (2012), Glasgow (Marritt, Stephen; Strickland, Matthew J.)
The Bórama: the poetry and hagiography in the Book of Leinster.
Eyjolfsdottir, Elin I., Ph.D. (2012), Glasgow (Clancy, Thomas; Chonaill, Bronagh Ni)
Natural philosophy in the graduation theses of the Scottish universities in the first half of the 17th century.
Gellera, Giovanni, Ph.D. (2012), Glasgow (Broadie, Alexander; Knowles, Dudley)
British strategy and oil, 1914-23.
Gibson, Martin W., Ph.D. (2012), Glasgow (O'Brien, Phillips; Ball, Simon)
'A publick benefite to the nation': the charitable and religious origins of the S.S.P.C.K., 1690-1715.
Gray, Nathan P., Ph.D. (2012), Glasgow (McGregor, Martin; Bowie, Karen)
The United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, United States and the conflict in Northern Ireland, August 1971-September 1974.
Macleod, Alan S., Ph.D. (2012), Glasgow (Ball, Simon J.; Mawdsley, Evan)
An analysis of the archaeological evolution of Pollok country park: the estate o'many pairts.
Mitchell, Mark T., Ph.D. (2012), Glasgow (Dalglish, Christopher; Driscoll, Stephen T.)
Consigned to the flames: an analysis of the Apostolic Order of Bologna, 1290-1307, with some comparison to the Beguins/spiritual Franciscans, 1300-30.
Timberlake-Newell, Elizabeth, Ph.D. (2012), Glasgow (Roach, Andrew; Cohn, Samuel)
The daughters of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine: a comparative study of 12th-century royal women.
Bowie, Colette M., Ph.D. (2011), Glasgow (Strickland, Matthew J.; Marritt, Stephen)
Interactions between the Confederación Nacional del Trabajo and the Unión General de Trabajadores in Spain and Catalonia, 1931-6.
Corkett, Thomas, Ph.D. (2011), Glasgow (Bracke, Maud; Mawdsley, Evan)
Christianity and burial in late Iron Age Scotland, A.D. 400-650.
Maldonado, Adrian, Ph.D. (2011), Glasgow (Driscoll, Stephen; Campbell, Euan)
Cosmo Innes and the sources of Scottish history, 'c'.1825-75.
Marsden, Richard A., Ph.D. (2011), Glasgow (Broun, Dauvit E.; Kidd, Colin C.)
Gaelic place names and the social history of Gaelic speakers in medieval Menteith.
McNiven, Peter, Ph.D. (2011), Glasgow (Clancy, Thomas; Broun, Dauvit)
Identity at the far edge of the earth: an examination of cultural identity manifested in the material culture of the North Atlantic, c.1150-1450.
Pierce, Elizabeth, Ph.D. (2011), Glasgow (Bailey, Coleen)
The Kelso Abbey cartulary: context, production and forgery.
Smith, Andrew T., Ph.D. (2011), Glasgow (Broun, Dauvit; Clancy, Thomas)
From war to peace: archery and crossbow guilds in Flanders, 'c'.1300-1500.
Crombie, Laura, Ph.D. (2010), Glasgow (Small, Graeme; Strickland, Matthew J.)
Piracy during the Hundred Years War.
Dick, Bryan D., Ph.D. (2010), Glasgow (Small, Graeme P.; Cohn, Samuel)
The military activities of bishops, abbots and other clergy in England, 'c'.900-1200.
Gerrard, Daniel, Ph.D. (2010), Glasgow (Strickland, Matthew J.; Marritt, Stephen)