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The New Deal and North Carolina: the tobacco programme, 1933-40.
Badger, A.J., Ph.D. (1974), Hull (Taylor, P.A.M.)
The remuneration and prospects of the elementary and secondary school teacher, 1914-35.
Barratt, J.M., B.Phil. (1974), Hull (Frankish, A.)
Investment banking in England, 1856-82: a case study of the International Financial Society.
Cottrell, P.L., Ph.D. (1974), Hull (Blackman, Janet M.)
Landownership in Lindsey c.1800-1860, with particular reference to the role of the large landowner as an agent of agricultural improvement and landscape change.
Fuller, Heather A., M.A. (1974), Hull (Harris, A.)
The Hull Association of Elementary teachers: some aspects of the Association's local activities and interests, 1871-92.
Hailstone, D.B., B.Phil. (1974), Hull (Lawson, J.)
The non-Muslim communities in Cairo, 969-1517 A.D.
Holt, A.E., M.A. (1974), Hull
Tetney School Board and Board School.
Lamper, G.A., B.Phil. (1974), Hull
The work of the East Riding County Council Technical Instruction Committee, 1890-1903.
Lonsdale, M.J., B.Phil. (1974), Hull
'Sequestered plots': a study of the origin and land use of sites isolated by railway construction.
Parker, M., Ph.D. (1974), Hull (Appleton, J.H,)
Feeding and mortality in the early months of life: changes in medical opinion and popular feeding practice, 1850-1900.
Roberts, Ann E., Ph.D. (1974), Hull (Blackman, Janet M.)
Intercourse between the Roman empire and the East.
Thorley, J., Ph. D. (1974), Hull
The decline of Methodism in Hull in the 20th century.
Harrison, K.K., M.A. (1973), Hull
German influence on aspects of British educational and social reform, 11867-1908.
McGlashan, J.J., Ph. D. (1973), Hull (Major, J.S.H.)
Town and country in Surrey, c.1800-1870: a study in historical geography.
Parton, A.G., Ph. D. (1973), Hull (Harris, A.)
British naval policy in the eastern Mediterranean, 1868-89.
Seymour, C.L., Ph.D. (1973), Hull (Major, J.S.H.)
The public financing of the recurrent expenditure of the statutory education system in England and Wales with special reference to the relationship between the central and local government since 1833.
Smith, T.H., B.Phil. (1973), Hull
Residential patterns in the 19th-century city: Kingston upon Hull, 1851.
Tansey, P.A., Ph.D. (1973), Hull
The origins and work of the first Scarborough School Board, 1871-4.
Bridge, R., B.Phil. (1972), Hull (Frankish, A.)
Public opinion and agriculture, 1875-1900.
Fisher, J.R., Ph.D. (1972), Hull (Saville, J.)
Economic and social attitudes to landed property in England, 1790-1850, with particular reference to John Stuart Mill.
Martin, D.E., Ph.D. (1972), Hull (Saville, J.)