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Discipline and disorder in English prisons: aspects of policy and resistance, 1840-1920.
Brown, Alyson, Ph.D. (1998), Hull (Nield, Keith H.)
Britain's deep-sea fishing industry, 1840-1919.
Haines, Michael S., Ph.D. (1998), Hull (Starkey, David J.)
Victory denied: the myth of inevitable American defeat in Vietnam.
Walton, Clevelan D., Ph.D. (1998), Hull
Sir Francis Vere in the Netherlands, 1589-1603: a re-evaluation of his career as sergeant-major general of Elizabeth I's troops.
Borman, Tracy J., Ph.D. (1997), Hull (Price, J. Leslie)
The corporate landowner in town development, with particular reference to Cleethorpes and Grimsby, c.1800-c.1900.
Dowling, Alan, Ph.D. (1997), Hull (Ambler, Rodney W.)
The organisation of war in England under John, 1199-1216
Fisher, Andrew R., Ph.D. (1997), Hull (Ayton, Andrew C.)
Religious movements and revolution in the modernization of Korea: a historical and comparative study.
Park, Chang Ho, Ph.D. (1997), Hull
Voluntarism in crisis: an exploration of the effects of the Great Depression in Delaware, 1929-38.
Plimmer, Barry, Ph.D. (1997), Hull (Baskerville, Stephen W.)
The reform of urban policing in Victorian England: a study of Kingston-upon-Hull, 1836-66.
Welsh, David R., Ph.D. (1997), Hull (Nield, Keith H.)
Tourism and the image of success: an essay on its developmental role within the post-industrial city, with special reference to Hull.
Brooks, Craig, M.Phil. (1996), Hull (Blackman, Janet M.)
Anglo-Dutch relations in the age of imperialism: three case studies focusing on Dutch perceptions of the Anglo-Dutch relationship.
Mead, Yvette M., Ph.D. (1996), Hull
Historical origins of accounting: the contributions of Iraq and ancient Mesopotamia.
Mosa, Fadil H., Ph.D. (1996), Hull (Kedslie, Moyra J.)
Municipal maternity services: policy and provision, 1900-39, with particular reference to Kingston-upon-Hull and its Municipal Maternity Home.
Rhodes, Maxine, Ph.D. (1996), Hull (Blackman, Janet M.)
The Royal Navy and Soviet seapower, 1930-50: intelligence, naval co-operation and antagonism.
Ryan, Joseph F., Ph.D. (1996), Hull (Major, John S.H.; Dilks, David N.)
Silent witnesses: representations of working-class women in America, 1933-45.
Ellis, Jacqueline, Ph.D. (1995), Hull
Technical education in the city of Wakefield: the place of Thornes House Grammar School.
George, Nora J., Ph.D. (1995), Hull
An investigation into early English fox-hunting, with an account of hunting with hounds in the East Riding of Yorkshire, 1700-1850.
Middleton, Iris M., M.Phil. (1995), Hull (Neave, D.R.J.)
The influence of Wesleyan Methodism on elementary education in England in the period 1849-1901, with particular reference to the work of Dr. James Harrison Rigg.
Smith, John T., Ph.D. (1995), Hull
Enclosure by agreement in Buckrose, with special reference to Birdsall.
Alexander, Ann, M.Phil. (1994), Hull (English, Barbara A.)
Community changes in Washingborough parish, 1550-1750.
Webster, Brenda, M.Phil. (1994), Hull (Johnston, J.)