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The political and constitutional development of Gibraltar, 1942 to the present day.
Garcia, Joseph J., Ph.D. (1993), Hull (Major, J.S.H.)
William Constable, F.R.S., F.S.A. (1721-91): an 18th-century naturalist and scientist.
Hall, Elizabeth A.F., M.Phil. (1993), Hull (Hoppen, K.T.)
Village carriers in Lincolnshire in the 19th and 20th centuries.
Holland, Jonathan, M.Phil. (1993), Hull (Ambler, R.W.)
Popular disturbance in 16th-century county Durham.
Johnson, Antony P., M.Phil. (1993), Hull (Palliser, D.M.)
A survey of Hull goldsmiths.
Bennett, Ann, Ph.D. (1992), Hull (English, Barbara A.)
Mid 19th-century population changes in a developing east coast port: Grimsby, 1841-61.
Gerrish, Margaret M., Ph.D. (1992), Hull (Ambler, R.W.)
Norman and Smithson, Hull millwrights.
Gregory, Roy, M.Phil. (1992), Hull (Lewis, M.J.T.)
Wool textile employers' organizations: Bradford, c.1914-1945.
Magrath, Irene, Ph.D. (1992), Hull (Nield, K.H.)
The British public opinion and Greece, 1944-9.
Sakkas, John, Ph.D. (1992), Hull (Saville, J.)
The effect of changing ecclesiastical policies on church furnishings, fabric and ritual in 17th-century Yorkshire, 1603-65.
Vickers, Noreen, M.Phil. (1992), Hull (English, Barbara A.)
The justice of the peace and county government in the East Riding of Yorkshire, 1782-1836.
Balchin, Andrew T., Ph.D. (1991), Hull (Reid, D.A.)
Brunei Darussalam: its re-emergence as a sovereign and independent Malay-Muslim sultanate, 1959-83.
Haji-Ismail, Eusoff Agaki, M.Phil. (1991), Hull
Rural society in 19th-century Suffolk, with special reference to landownership and occupancy, 1800-65.
Harrison, Stephen L., M.Phil. (1991), Hull (Turner, M.E.)
The Anglican Church in the period of the Cold War, 1945-55.
Kirby, Dianne, Ph.D. (1991), Hull (Saville, J.; Billington, L.)
The warhorse and military service under Edward III
Ayton, A.C., Ph.D. (1990), Hull (Palmer, J.J.N.)
The raising, training and service record of the Hull Pals Battalions of the East Yorkshire Regiment, Sept. 1914 - March 1919
Barnes, B.S., M.Phil. (1990), Hull
British attitudes towards the European integration movement, 1955-8.
Chronopoulos, G., M.Phil. (1990), Hull (Major, J.S.H.)
Aspects of the economic and social history of the Greek community in Alexandria during the 19th century
Glavanis, P.M., Ph.D. (1990), Hull (Saville, J.)
Rural settlement contraction in the East Riding of Yorkshire, c.1660-1760, with particular reference to the Bainton Beacon division
Neave, Susan A., Ph.D. (1990), Hull (English, Barbara A.)
Thomas White (1739-1811): 18th-century landscape designer and arboriculturist
Turnbull, Deborah K.M., Ph.D. (1990), Hull (Neave, D.R.J.)